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How do I trigger a macro a cell in updated

Posted by Maged Ghatas on August 10, 1999 5:01 AM

I need to be able to start a macro when certain cells are updated. The Worksheet_Change will only work if the user applies the changes, which means if I want to base may trigger on a cell with a formula (for example, the sum of other cells), changing the values of the other linked cells will not have an effect on this event handler.
If there is no solution then is there a macro that could be triggered by scheduled times set on a programming level, i.e. At 3:02, If Not_Ready then Reschedule(3:05) Else Update_Data.

Posted by Harold Ek on August 10, 1999 4:45 PM

There is Worksheet event command that can operate
when a worksheet is calculated.
Instructions say to right click the worksheet tab
then View Code on menu. In the proceedures box
the various events are listed. Never used that one
but sounds similar to working with events on
Good Luck!

Posted by Ivan Moala on August 12, 1999 2:41 AM

Have a look @ using;
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal _Target As Excel.Range)

Just set Target to your excel range and set up
the criteria you want to monitor via logical expressions so that when the range changes it will automaticall run you macro via the Call or"youroutine" syntax.