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Hyperlinking, Lookup, VBA.........Sort of

Posted by Ian Mac on November 15, 2001 6:03 AM

Hello All,

I have a worksheet ("Switchboard") that pulls information from other sheets based on what someone selects using two combo boxes.
On another sheet in a list of: Team Managers, Named Ranges, Sheet Name

What I'd like is to have a button on the Switchboard that when pressed wil take the user to that particular Sheet in the workbook.

I aws thinking some code which will sort of Vlookup the TM from the TM sheet and activate the sheet name that is in the third column.

Any help would be lovely.

Here is a sample of the data I have:

{0,0,"Named Range","Sheet Name";0,"Captian Me",0,0;1,"Vicky Brewis","CM_1","CapM_TM1";2,"Sharon Mawdsley","CM_2","CapM_TM2";3,"Mark Lincoln","CM_3","CapM_TM3";4,"Sam Page","CM_4","CapM_TM4";5,"Claire Henderson","CM_5","CapM_TM5";6,"Jimmy Wilkie","CM_6","Cap1_TM6";7,0,"CM_7","CapM_TM7";8,0,"CM_8","Cap1_TM8";9,0,"CM_9","CapM_TM9";10,0,"CM_10","CapM_TM10"}

Ian Mac

Posted by Ian Mac on November 15, 2001 6:04 AM

Re-post oops!!!!