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Is there a way to move a sheet tab to the end or begining of the sheets

Posted by Rees Macleod on September 08, 2000 10:44 AM

I need to move a specified sheet...say the name is "mysheet", to either end of the tabs without having to specify any sheet names for the destination. Also if anyone knows if I can type a new sheet name into a sheet tab and be able to have that name appear somewhere in my spreadsheet. ie is there some sort of After Update Event for sheet tabs?

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Posted by casey on September 08, 0100 1:13 PM

TO MOVE: click once on the tab you want to move, hold down your mouse key, and drag it to where you want it. you should see a little black arrow right above the tabs. that will point to the spot where your sheet will relocate. just move your mouse to wherever you want to move it to and let go!

TO CHANGE THE NAME: double click on the tab that you want to change the name of, and type away

Posted by Celia on September 08, 0100 4:16 PM


To move a specific sheet to the end :-

Sub SheetMoveToEnd()
Dim c As Integer
c = Worksheets.Count
Worksheets("Sheet1").Move After:=Sheets(c)
End Sub

To automatically change worksheet name in a cell when the worksheet name is changed :-

Function WsName() As String
WsName = Application.Caller.Parent.Name
End Function

Enter in the cell =WsName()


Posted by Rees Macleod on September 10, 0100 7:26 PM

thanks that works great even with multiple sheets

thanks again