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Last sheet select

Posted by Rob A on January 03, 2002 5:36 AM

I'm using a macro that I want to select the last worksheet in a project and paste some copied info into it. At the moment it selects a worksheet from a set position (sheet7) but I would like it to just select the last last sheet if possible so I can perform this operation more that once and move sheets around without effecting the VB macro. For example at the moment the macro formats some data then copies a template sheet and pastes the data into the copy of the template. I want to then rename this sheet and place it before the template but this means the template moves position and the macro can't find the correct sheet then, by doing everything with the last sheet I could get round this. Any help appreciated.

Posted by Ken on January 03, 2002 6:58 AM

This may help

Lastsheetname = Sheets(Sheets.Count)