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Load a UserForm from a macro

Posted by Peter Coburn on November 14, 2001 5:52 PM

I have written a small macro which uses InputBox(es) to retrieve 12 bits of information from the user.

This means that the InputBox call is used 12 times and the entered value appropriately declared, saved and used.

However, I thought a UserForm would be a nicer look for this time of input so I have designed a Form which is called Registration. This looks really geat and is doing all the right things.

Except I wish to now call this form from my original macro code (and wipe out the InputBox code).

Can some one tell me the syntax to do this?

Much Appreciated.

Posted by Duane Kennerson on November 14, 2001 6:24 PM


attach the command to a button or write it in your code.

use "Registration.hide" to close the form