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Macro Availability

Posted by Bobbi on January 07, 2002 7:39 AM

Is there a way, like in Word, to dock a macro on your toolbar so it's always available to you?

If not, what's the solution? To save it as an add-in?

Many thanks for everyone's kind patience with me - I'm not too intimate with Excel, as you can tell.

Posted by Dave on January 07, 2002 8:37 AM


When you create the macro, it should give you the option of saving it to your Personal Macro workbook. This opens every time you start Excel but remains hidden so you should have access to it every time you run Excel

Posted by Bobbi on January 07, 2002 9:06 AM

I have a series of sheets with racing data, each sheet represents results from an indiviual race:

Sheet name, "Daytona500"

1 Finish Start Driver Laps Points
2 1 10 R Rudd 25 185
3 2 9 K Petty 25 175
4 3 1 S Park 25 165
5 4 5 J Burton 25 160

I am trying to create a summary sheet that will list each driver and average their stats. I need a formula that looks up the driver by name then returns data from that row.

For example, I would need a formula that looks up "K Petty" in every sheet (Daytona500, Indianapolis, etc.), then grabs the corresponding 'finish' value from those sheets (in the case above: 2), and average them so that it displays Petty's average finishing position.

I have no idea where to start...I am desperately in need of somebody's Excel wisdom here. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!