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Macro to get Data from Access, create a Diagram and save as HTML.

Posted by Anders Bengtsson on January 22, 2002 6:18 PM

Can a Excel Macro do what I mention below??

*Check current year+month
*Get DATA from Access corresponding to year+month
*Create a Diagram with the DATA of this month.
*Save the Diagram as HTML (and also name it something like "2002-01.HTML" or "2002Jan.HTML" depending on which year+month it is).

It has to be fully automated and require no manual input. I will call the Macro once/day.

(If someone knows this can more easily be done within MS Access then lemme know;)

Posted by Staffan on January 23, 2002 1:28 AM

Of course it can ...
A Macro can do basically anything any computer program can do ....
The hang up here being "fully automated", that can mean a lot of things: for example you mentioned that you would run it .... that doesnt sound fully implemented if I interpreted you correct.

Now there is two questions, summed up to one.
How much will it cost you to write such a macro, and/or how much will you have to pay someone else to write such a macro.

It is pretty simple but from your questions I derive that it would take hours and hours to explain to you how to write such a macro, so I am rolling to ball back to you or to someone else.
(At least I answered the question:)

BTW: Are you by any chance Swedish?


Posted by Anders Bengtsson on January 23, 2002 5:45 AM

Yes I am Swedish. And it would prolly not take long to explain this to me, I am kinnda knew to Macros but since I am a C++/Java coder the concept of programming aint very new to me. If not giving me the answer then at least give me link to some kinnda Macro "dictionary" where these kind of Macros are listed and then I could prolly make this myself after while.