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macro won't pick up apostrophe used in name out of textbox

Posted by Denis on November 04, 2001 6:19 AM

I have a form, in one textbox you put in your name, but if your name is "J O'NEILL". The macro that picks up this name & put's each letter of "J O'NEILL" in a seperate cell. The apostrophe comes in as a blank cell?

any help appreciated


Posted by bob umlas on November 04, 2001 6:57 AM

This is by design of Excel -- try manually putting in an apostrophe as the first character -- you won't see it in the cell. It's an indicator that what FOLLOWS is to be treated as text. Since nothing follows, nothing shows up. Enter '=4/5 and you'll see =4/5, not .8. In order to see an apostrophe, you'll have to put in 2 of them in a row.