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Macroing AutoFilter

Posted by Steven Knight on December 13, 2001 2:05 AM


I am asking the user to give me to "contains" criteria via InputBoxes I then want to autofilter the data on a worksheet with the entered data. The problem is trying to get the autofilter to use the variables assigned by inputboxes. Many Thanks to all who reply


Posted by Daniel C on December 13, 2001 2:26 AM

Hi i think youd be better off using an advanced
filter. Check out Lacter's free examples on his
website (i think its = lacter 11) that
has something similar to what you are asking for.
Its a start. Heres the link to the website (youll
have to look for the right example. has all of his
examples on it i think this is the right link

Posted by Steven Knight on December 13, 2001 3:27 AM

Unfortunately I couldn't access the webpage you linked me to. However I took your advice of using the advanced filter and Ihave now got a neat solution. Many Thanks Steven