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Posted by Mo on December 19, 2000 11:19 AM

Hello, I've come quite a few interesting macros over here. its just I dont know anything about them. so what I would like to do is copy them and paste them somewhere. unfortunately I dont know know where to paste them. I've tried going to the visualbasic editor in excel, but it doesnt tell you anywhere to paste them. i mean there isnt even an open workbook option, and the help button assumes you know something about macros.
by the way I have office 2000.

Posted by Jennifer on December 19, 2000 11:25 AM

Under the View menu, there is a option called Code. This should help you out -- just paste your macro into the Code window.
No guarantee that the macro will work though! :)

Posted by Mo on December 19, 2000 3:26 PM

Thank you very much Jennifer