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macros not working on other computers.

Posted by JR on January 19, 2001 7:20 PM

I have written a number of VBA macros from my in-home office. When I email the data clerk at the corporate office she gets a "can't find project file or library" message.

I have loaded Office 97 from the same disk for both computers so I know we are using the same excel version.

The programs work fine on my laptop and desktop but not on the corporate office computers. Can anyone provide feedback on this?

Thanks a bunch,


Posted by Tim Francis-Wright on January 20, 2001 4:25 PM

Make sure that the computers in the offices
have the same references set (under Tools in
the VB Editor).

You might also have an add-in selected on
your machines, but the office computers might
not (perhaps the analysis tool-pak?).

Good luck!