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Making changes to a Excel xls file

Posted by Saeed on June 27, 2001 8:51 PM

Hi ;
This is an eazy one.....

I am a programmer but never have programmed excel and want to know if there is ay Web-based onlie help that would allow me to write the following functionalities to a (Macro ???) or a VB(???) to read an XLS file and do
1-Delete a Column
2-Reformat date column(s) from whatever to say yyyy-mm-dd
3-Reformat Time column(s) from whatever to say
4-write the output into a CSV file..

I guess it is easier to write a macro to do all that rather than using VB ...Am i right?

Thank you

Posted by mseyf on June 28, 2001 7:55 AM

the steps you want to perform don't seem to be too complex, the easiest way to get started might be to record a macro while manually preforming the above procedures, then look at what was recorded and consult Excel's help files for further info. (btw, Excel 97 Programming for Dummies by John Walkenbach is a good introductory book. I would think there would be reasonably priced used copies available)