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Missing dialog to enable/disable macros???

Posted by Rob on May 17, 2000 8:50 AM

While several people have posted questions about "disabling" the macro prompt, I have just the opposite problem.

It appears a user has "un-checked" the box to prompt for the enable/disable macros message box in the future. Unfortunately, the macro produces an error when the file is opened.
I confirmed (using another machine) that the macro does indeed work, provided that the macro message prompt is answered - "enable macros".
Q1: How do I re-set the message box to prompt on-screen so I can enable macros
Q2: Can I include a routine to check the status of this "setting" within the macro (sorry, thinking out loud... probably not since if the macro is disabled it won't run to check the enabled/disabled status...catch 22 I guess)


Posted by Rob on May 17, 2000 10:14 AM

Should have also mentioned that this is Excel for '95 (v.7.0) so there is no "Macro Virus Detection" button under Tools>Options>General Tab...........