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opening a powerpoint presentation inside excel.

Posted by steve on March 28, 2001 9:27 PM

Is there some VB code to open power point from excel, have it run the presentation then when its over to have it close and return to excel. I've tryed hyperlink and embedding the presentation in excel, embedding doesn't close powerpoint just the presentation.

Thanks steve

Posted by mseyf on March 29, 2001 6:34 AM

When I embed a PowerPoint file in Excel, Powerpoint closes when the presentation is finished (Office97).

When I embed the PP file, 'Link to file' & 'Display as Icon' are left unchecked.

You could try to assign a macro to the PP object (right click, assign macro, new):

Sub Object1_Click()
Sheets("sheet1").OLEObjects("object 1").Verb (xlPrimary)
End Sub

using your sheet name and the object name of the PP object(select the PP object and look in the name box)

(from ElementK Journal)

Posted by mseyf on March 29, 2001 6:41 AM

Is PowerPoint closed before you start the presentation from Excel? If PowerPoint is open before you start the presentation from Excel, PowerPoint seems to stay open after the presentation is run, but if PowerPoint is not open before you start, it will be closed when you finish (that's how it works on my PC anyway)

Posted by steve on March 29, 2001 7:13 AM

Its closed, I'll give it another try thanks