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Re: PassWord Cracker Add in?

Posted by Paul on December 31, 2000 3:36 AM

I have got the code to turn of the TOOL menu as you start up the Workbook. But if they don't authorise the Macros in the Workbook the TOOL optionis there and they can still use the ADD IN password craker to unlock the Workbook and Work sheets. Is there any way to make excel overide the security measures so the Macro will alway start up and turn the TOOL option off.
Please Help. Thanks Paul

Posted by Lokman Mat Lazim on December 31, 2000 3:35 PM

its pretty easy..whatever your macro names..
change it to auto_open..
e.g. let say your macro name is disable_tools..

so the code will look like this :

sub auto_open()
'your code to disable tool here
end sub

ps: so whenever your file opened, the macro
for disable tools will automatically loaded

Posted by ereit on January 01, 2001 9:32 PM

So can you share the code with us to turn off the tools?

Ive got the same problem.


Posted by Paul on January 12, 2001 10:08 PM

Re: PassWord Cracker Add in! Still need help! PLease

Thanks for the Auto_Open macro.

But if the user has Excel set from Medium to High under the Tools menu. Excel comes up with a warning saying this workbook contains macro's Enable or Disable. If you disable them the Auto_Open also stops working as well and then they can just use the the Add in Password craker and get all the formulas and Information they need too.

Posted by Paul on January 12, 2001 10:15 PM

Posted by Paul on January 12, 2001 10:39 PM

Re: PassWord Cracker Add in Code!

The code you are after, is further down the page.

Go Ctl+F key and the find window will appear and then type in the following .

Re: Protecting Worksheet/Workbook

It will come up with the code however I am still trying to overcome the user turning macro's off as the programme starts up.

Cheers Paul

Sorry for the delay I have been away from for a couple of weeks and haven not have access to the net.