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Restricting operator to specific input cells

Posted by Ronald Rowlands on July 24, 1999 6:49 PM

I am a beginner to VBA with a workbook in Office 95/97.
The operator enters data into cells on the first three sheets of my workbook. I know how to protect sheets and unlock cells but how do I prevent the operator from wandering all over the sheets?
Let's assume the input cells are F14:F22 and K.14:F22.

Posted by Jack Trimble on July 27, 1999 6:19 AM

Go to Tools/Options and on the View tab disable the scroll bars then lock the sheet.

Posted by Ivan Moala on July 28, 1999 12:43 AM

If you have a specific range you wish to lock then
*goto VBA editor
*click on the Project view
*click on the sheet you want to lock a specific range
*Click on the properties for that sheet
*scroll to scrollarea
*type in the scroll range
*the scroll range is now restricted to that range
NOTE: you should also losk the project from viewing.