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running a macro with only showing a progressbar

Posted by Rob Moone on March 24, 2000 12:19 AM

Problem with Excel 97

I use MS Excel 97 to perform an import of a textfile and remodel the file into a working excel-sheet in which our employees can calculate the estimates of revenue for next year and then export that data to a textfile again so it can be imported in our financial program. When you open the workbook and click on a button a textfile is opened and a number of macros are run in order to remodel the textfile.

Now I would like to add a procedure, which would show a progressbar when the macros are run and not all those shifting screens flashing by. I found the command APPLICATION.SCREENUPDATING = FALSE ,but how can I make it so that you see a progressbar when the macros are run?

Can anybody help me?

Rob Moone

I’m using a Pentium PC with Windows 95, 96 Mb RAM and Excel 97.

Posted by Celia on March 24, 2000 4:11 AM

Have a look at the following question on this board and the replies thereto :-

Please wait screen when macro is running - Adam K. 12:56:16 2/22/100 (3)

This should provide what you need (I think).