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Selecting cells in a formula based on the format of the cell

Posted by Jason Bainbridge on September 18, 2000 9:18 PM

I have a customer list my wife has provided me with to do a mail merge within word with but the catch is she only wants the mail merge done with the cells that are bold within Excel so I need some way within a formula to return the formatting of a cell. Ultimately I want to copy the bold cells into a seperate sheet and from there the mail merge is child's play.

Does anyone know how to test for the formatting of a cell within Excel? Also what would be the best way to use this as a test and copy the cells that meet the test over into a seperate worksheet?

Thanks in advance,

Posted by DoughBoy on September 19, 0100 12:47 AM

If Cells(roxnum, columnum).Font.Bold = True Then

is that enough or do you need more?
Let me know.