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Showing All Shapes

Posted by Ken Brading on February 24, 2000 8:18 AM

I'm modifing a spreadsheet that uses two macros to
toggle graphic images between .show and .hide states.
I need to erase all the graphic images for the modification.
When I erase the 1st set of images that are in .show
and then try to macro toggle to the other state to
.show the 2nd set of images so I can erase them, I get an
error because the 1st set of images can't be found to
.hide them. Consequently, I've lost the second set of
images in .hide. Is there a way to show all the images
at one time so I can erase them independently of the

The simple solution of writing a macro to show everything
is a difficult option because the scenerio presented
above is a simplification of a complex problem that
should have the same solution.

Additionally, use of the Tools>Options>View>Objects,Show All
feature doesn't work.


Posted by Celia on February 24, 2000 7:05 PM

Can’t think why Tools/Options/View/Objects/Show All doesn’t work.
Also, I don’t quite follow the problem per your first para but the following macro should toggle between showing all objects and hiding all.

Sub ToggleObjects()
Dim picShow
Dim picHide
picShow = ActiveWorkbook.DisplayDrawingObjects = xlAll
picHide = ActiveWorkbook.DisplayDrawingObjects = xlHide
If picShow = True Then
ActiveWorkbook.DisplayDrawingObjects = xlHide
ElseIf picHide = True Then
ActiveWorkbook.DisplayDrawingObjects = xlAll
End If
End Sub