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Sum Function and protected sheet

Posted by Judi on May 31, 2000 12:45 PM

In excel 97 the sum toolbar button is grayed out if the sheet is protected. Is there a way to use the sum function or a simple substitute on a protected sheet? I have 2 unlocked columns and the user keys data in to the first and I want them to select the cell in column 2 that is at the end of a group of data in column 1 and to click the sum button and highlight a range to total from the first column. It works if the sheet is unprotected. Thanks for the help.

Posted by Ivan Moala on June 01, 0100 2:48 AM

You can try using dataEntryMode eg.

Sub DataEntryOn()
'Select your range here
Application.DataEntryMode = xlStrict
End Sub

Sub DataEntryOff()
Application.DataEntryMode = xlOff
End Sub

DataEnry mode will allow you to use the Sum button.