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To YANECKC regarding Find and Replace

Posted by TJ on December 08, 2001 8:11 AM

Cool! It worked, but the one thing I didn't take into concideration is certain criteria such as replacing NE to NORTHEAST. The problem lies at the end of the column where there is no existing data. The macro doesn't recognize this as the only entry I would like to change. It changes all text that starts with NE like a word as Nest and would change it to NORTHEASTEST. This is just an example of the problem this has created with many of the changes I wanted to make. I know that there is a difference between stating "NE" or " NE" or " NE " as examples. Is there wording that I would be able to place within the macro that would look for text that stands by itself(not part of another word) and then change it to the desired result?
Another piece of information that I am dealing with is that there are tiny pieces of binary code that sometimes comes over with the import. They appear as squares. The CRM application that I am using to retrieve the information from is written is a language called "4D" and is mainly a MAC application. It does run within the windows platform.

Any suggestions?????

Thanks again for your assistance!

Posted by TJ on December 08, 2001 8:13 AM

Forgot one thing

I forgot to mention that I want to remove this binary as well.


Posted by Lewis on December 08, 2001 9:20 AM

As advised to me by Jaun Pablo G
try changing

If you change this to xlWhole it will search for an EXACT match.