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Updating my journal voucher log

Posted by Tony Coca on July 24, 1999 8:16 AM

I'm new at the excel game and new at my job as a disbursing officer. Every time I settle a travel claim I create a journal voucher on excel with a macro and then I place the amount, date, and updated JV number into their corresponding cells. Then I have to take the exact same info from those cells and cut and paste them to my journal voucher log which is a running log where every column represents a single journal voucher. The problem is that I do this many times over and as you can see I'm basically entering the same info into both. What is the method I would use to copy the information from a new JV to the next empty line of my JV log automatically?

Posted by Ivan Moala on July 28, 1999 1:04 AM

if you have a macro that copies these values and
your journal voucher is on another sheet in columns then you should access this sheet and do the same routine that you used to copy to except without knowing the layout you would have to change a few things to acess the corect columns.
you would have to keep a counter or address link.
Access the sheet like;
'your code here