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VBA bug? spreadsheet fails to open...HEEEELLPPPP!!!!

Posted by mike on June 28, 2001 6:18 PM

Ok...this has been troubling me for sometime, and I'm hoping someone can help.
I have a spreadsheet that FREQUENTLY becomes corrupted and will not open. I save backup copies, but because they often corrupt too, I lose work.

There is no error message...the 'loading' status bar at the bottom of excel just stops halfway, and the excel workspace displays blank white. The sheet does not show up in 'windows', and can be accessed or's like excel starts to open it and then decides not too!

I have a few things that could conceivably be causing this, but can't figure out what it is

1)Qlink - a DDE from, for importing stock quotes to excel
2)a lot of macros, including 'ontime' loops, custom pop-ups, and dynamically created imports of HTML into the workbook...

Anyone ever seen this problem before? Any idea how I can stop it? I am going insane losing copy after copy of this workbook!!!

Posted by Damon Ostrander on June 28, 2001 10:29 PM


Does it hang even if you do not enable macros? If so, that would exhonerate the macros as being culprits.

Also, do you use any Application Object events? Since these run at a level above your workbook they can conceivably interfere with the loading. I especially think you don't want any OnTime events scheduled to occur WHILE the workbook is opening.

I wish you success. I know this type of problem can be EXTREMELY trying.