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Walter, if you're out there...

Posted by Frank Krumm on November 24, 2001 9:18 AM

Thanks for the macro to move the selected cell down one.
I have been trying to use the other macro you gave but I must not be implementing it correctly.

Please help if you have time.

Here is my entire formula - you will recognize the S stuff that you created:

Dim S
S = Selection
str1 = ActiveCell.Value
newFor = "=Qlink|Bars!'" & str1 & ",d,250,dohlcd,headers'"
Selection.FormulaArray = newFor
Range (S).Offset(1,0).Select

I have tried a number of combos to implement the following based on your code:

ForEach S in Selection
(macro operating on cell S)
Next S

Where am I supposed to put these lines instead?

Thank you very much.


Posted by Walter on November 26, 2001 4:34 PM

There is no need to select the region before applying formula or format setting. 2 lines are enough.

Range("A2:F235").FormulaArray = "=Qlink|Bars!'" & ActiveCell.Value & ",d,250,dohlcd,headers'"