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Word to Excel Macro Help

Posted by Brett Holcomb on November 05, 2001 6:08 AM

Good Morning.

I am trying to move a series of word documents into Excel. When I paste from Word into Excel, it puts the word text into a number of different cells. For instance, if I have:

1. Go outside.
2. Look around.

excel will put this into different cells (probably because of carriage returns) when I need these to be in the same cell (because of the type of spreadsheet I am creating). Is there a macro or anyway to combine these lines back into one cell or to prevent Excel from doing this when I paste fromWord? I have hundreds of these that I would rather not do by hand.

Thanks again.


P.S. It doesnt matter to me if it ends up looking like 1. Go outside. 2. Look around I just needit in one cell

Posted by Melanie Swarner on November 06, 2001 9:26 AM


Be careful when you're posting your message that you post it at the top level. That way your new message thread will move to the top of the message board and more people will notice it to respond.

Anyway, to do what you want to do:

Copy from Word, then when you switch to Excel, click the cell you want to paste in, but don't hit paste yet. First, click the white edit box at the top next to the = sign (where you compose formulas, etc.) When your cursor is blinking in that box, hit paste. It will all paste into that cell. A cell has a limited number of characters. In Excel 97 it is 32,000 so you're probably safe.

Hope this helps!