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Worsheet Compares across workbooks VBA Code

Posted by Tuc on April 23, 2001 6:28 AM

Does anyone have any VBA code that might be useful when comparing two worksheets against one another?
I have one worksheet that would be my original, and another worksheet that would be my amended. I want to compare the original to the amended and generate a worksheet, call it differences, that would show changes, inserts, deletes.
Thank you for your time.

Posted by Dave Hawley on April 23, 2001 7:30 AM

Hi Tuc

Here is a link to an Add-in. Not sure if it will suit as I've never tried it.

OzGrid Business Applications

Posted by Tuc on April 24, 2001 1:42 PM

Thanks. I'm looking at the code now. I'll let you know.