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Avichal Singh

Avichal Singh

Avichal "Avi" Singh - Principal Consultant at PowerPivotPro - has most recently worked at Microsoft, where he built a successful Power Pivot BI platform serving 600+ users – replacing the far more expensive and less effective BI methodology formerly utilized by that division. Avi has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Washington and spent 10+ years as a business analyst across various verticals, helping transform data into insight.

Avi has personally lived the amazing transformation that Power Pivot brings to our professional lives. His passion for empowering others led him, like Rob, to depart Microsoft and make that his full-time focus at PowerPivotPro. Since joining the team, Avi has worked closely with clients all over the US, including onsite engagements with NBC Universal and NASA.

Avi brings an infectious energy to everything he does, which keeps everyone here on their toes. In between client engagements, he has co-authored the "Power Pivot and Power BI" book with Rob and is developing additional training modules for PowerPivotPro University.

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