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Rob Collie

Rob Collie

Rob Collie is Chief Technology officer at Pivotstream LLC, where he and the engineering team provide Excel data pros with a platform to transform their careers. An Excel pro himself, Rob and others at Pivotstream also use PowerPivot to provide actionable business information to dozens of Fortune 500 corporations.

He previously spent 13 years at Microsoft, leading software engineers on projects including PowerPivot v1, multiple versions of Excel, and Windows Installer (MSI) v1. He is the world’s most prolific PowerPivot blogger, running and since late 2009.

As a Microsoft MVP in the community, Rob is also the world’s most prolific PowerPivot blogger, running the and websites since late 2009.

Rob now lives in Cleveland Heights OH with his wife Jocelyn, his kids RJ and Gabby/Ella, and a pack of wild dogs. He is never far from a PowerPivot-equipped computer, his treadmill desk, a fast internet connection, or a pot of coffee. You can follow Rob on Twitter as @PowerPivotPro, where his mixture of alternately serious and irreverent observations often continues well into the small hours of the night