How to Post Your VBA Code

How to Post Your VBA Code

Insert Code Form

To insert To insert code into a post:

  • Copy the code from the VBE.
  • Type your message in the post editor, and click Code button () on the editor toolbar.
    Code button on the editor toolbar
    Code on the editor toolbar
  • Make sure VBA option is selected as language option in the "Insert code" dialog box, and paste your code into the text box.
    Insert code dialog box
    Insert code dialog box
  • Preview your message to make sure your code looks as it is supposed to be.
    Preview message
    Preview message
  • You can also select use Rich (BB Code) option if you'd like to stylize your code in the editor or if yor code contains BBCode tags (e.g. [B], [I], [COLOR]).
  • For the code snippets other than VBA, use the corresponding language option or General code.

Inline Code Entry

Sometimes you might want to post single line codes that you can put in your sentences. In this case:

  • Select the code line in your message.
    Select code line
    Select code line
  • Click Inline Code button () on the editor toolbar, and preview your message.
    Inline Code button on the editor toolbar
    Inline Code on the editor toolbar

Originally written by Jon (MrExcel Moderator) on Dec 16th, 2010

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