1. C

    Filter a list to only return top 2 most recent results?

    Hi All, I'm new here, so firstly nice to meet you all! Trying to work out a way to approach this situation. I have a set of data similar to the following. What I want to do is find a way to only show the 2 most latest (most recent date) for each User. For example: <tbody> Date Name Value...
  2. G

    Countifs conundrum assistance needed

    Hi, I am trying to use Countifs to count non blank cells over 2 columns but only count as 1 if adjacent cell is populated ... If that makes sense. I've tried =COUNTIFS('Sheet1'!$a:$a,"<>",'sheet1'!$B:$B,"<>") to no avail. :( For below the answer I'm hoping for is 4. <tbody> Column ‘A’ Column...
  3. N

    Help To Cap formulas to recognize hours reached and negative hours

    <tbody> Day (A) Date (B) Job (C) Site Name(D) Start Time (E) Break (F) Finish Time (G) Hours (H) Normal (I) 1.5 Time (J) 2.0 Time (K) Monday (2) 01/01/19 X 6:30AM :30 3:30PM 8.5 8 .5 0 (3) 01/01/19 Y 4:30PM 08:30PM 4 4 (4) 01/01/19 Z 10:30AM 10:30PM 12 8 2 2 (5) 01/01/19...
  4. M

    return reference if in date period and 'yes'

    So I have a table with a list of loads of different references with dates assigned to them and also 'yes' or 'no' assigned to them. I need to return the reference numbers if the date is in a specific period and they have 'yes' assigned. Example <tbody> Date Ref Status Jan-Mar 2019 & Yes...
  5. V

    Vlookup - multiple columns

    Hi, Every month a sales report is pulled showing all activity for each sales person from the beginning of the year. This tab is the total sales overview. It is sorted alphabetical per sales person. Then a tab is created per sales person. Each of these sales person tabs needs to reflect all...
  6. C

    Calculating months if all days count (DATEDIF)

    Hi I have an issue where I want to count complete months where all days count in the month. For example if you look at the difference between 2 dates, so 01/01/19 minus 01/01/19 we get 0, but say I want to say someone attended a course on that day, they in fact completed 1 day. So I want the...
  7. W

    Formula Help

    Hi, Please can you help with resolving a formula query that I have. I currently have the following formula =SUMIF(BF:BF, $C$3) R:R has various values in. BF:BF is a column with dates in. C3 is 01/01/19 formatted as Jan 19. I can get the total to work if the date in BF says 01/01/19 as it...
  8. M

    Counting checkmarks across colums

    Hi All, Another noob Access question: I have a table set up: Dept ID#, Last Name, First Name, 01/01/19 (YES/NO column) For each person, I'm checking "YES" if they were there on that date. The dates could be a couple days apart or weeks, you never know. So, basically, this is an attendance...

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