1. L

    Update Excel 2003 Code to 2016

    I have a code in my Excel sheet to upload multiple pictures from a scanner. In the 2003 version of Excel, I have a Macro for "Insert Picture from Scanner or Camera" function called "TWAIN" with the following code: Application.CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=1764).Execute With the changes in Excel...
  2. B

    Is there a better way than using a nested "IF" statement to test value in D5 and return value of E5 if a correct value in D5 is found?

    Cell D5 may contain the text strings of "Window XP", "Windows 2003", "Windows 2008', "Windows 10". or it may contain something completely irrelevant. =IF(D5="Windows XP",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2003",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2003 R2",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2003 R2",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2008",E5,IF(D5="Windows...
  3. H

    Excel 2010: VBA How to replace Application.FileSearch

    Hello, Having to move some files that were written by somebody else many years ago from Excel 2003 to 2010, files contain FileSearch that no longer works in 2010. Searched and found...
  4. andrewb90

    Verify excel Version upon opening or closing

    Hello all, Is there any way to add something to my opening or closing code that would check what version of excel is being used? I have a number of features that won't work with Excel 2003 or below, and they are critical features, so I just don't want the workbook to be used in Excel that's...
  5. G

    Copy/Paste information from multiple sheets

    Hi All, hope you're having a great day! I am currently building a survey spreadsheet for an instructor. Yes I have informed them that there is many programs available for this task but nope, they want Excel. So my plan is... Main Spreadsheet called "Results" which the instructor keeps to...
  6. A

    Can I recreate Excel 2003 type toolbar and menus in Excel 2016?

    Hi all, I registered just to ask this question. I considering upgrade to Excel 2016 from 2003. I'm still using Excel 2003, but considering finally making update to Office 2016. The reason I'm still using Excel 2003 is comfort with the toolbars vs. the shock I experienced when trying to...
  7. M

    Help with CountIF functions in Excel 2003

    Please can anyone help! I am trying to enter a countif function in order to calculate the number of yes & no's to male & females! In one column I have 'Y & N' & in a 2nd column 'M & F'. I need to be able to calulate the number of Male Yes & No' & the number of female Yes & No. Hope this...
  8. W

    2003 from 2010 IF statements

    I have worked on my home laptop and used the following statement: =IF(AND(MONTH(B42)=MONTH(TODAY());DAY(TODAY())-DAY(B42)<1);"Birthday";"No") This is on 2010 and works, however the same on 2003 gives me an error. any help?
  9. M

    colour copy, vba colour copy, conditional formatting problem between two worksheets

    ey experts, This one is difficult to explain 1)On sheet1 after running a macro from an imported excel file, I have a single row with 5 columns which gives me an analysis of the data I've imported. From this analysis a simple conditional formatting flags up three possibilities and colours them...
  10. S

    2003 charting - not allowing for multiple vertical axis option

    Howdy, I am trying to produce a chart including two columns of data and a column including corresponding dates. I am only able to view one column of data in the chart and excel is not giving me the option of plotting on a secondary axis. Why am I not being given the option to view data on a...
  11. M

    Help Required with VBA Code!

    Hi guys, I have a spreadsheet with several sheets which I am having a few problems with. Basically I have set up the below code so that VBA will apply an autofilter which looks for a certain criteria in a column and then cuts and pastes the relevant row to the next sheet before deleting the row...
  12. A

    Auto Filtering a Table of Data by Typing a Filter Value Outside the Table

    Hi, I have a table of numerical and textual data. I would like to filter the table by the number values in column F7:F3000. I am aiming to type any number, i.e. 0.30, in cell F2 and filter column F7:F3000 for all values greater than or equal to 0.30. It is important that cell F2 is dynamic...
  13. K

    Average with multiple criteria in Excel 2003

    Hi, Please look at this formula: =SUMPRODUCT(--(B1:B10=A1),--(C1:C10=A2)+(C1:C10=A3),D1:D10) I would like to make same criteria averaging D1:D10 (IF B1:B10 matches A1, C1:C10 matches A2 or A3, average D1:D10. Tried with...
  14. D

    2003 macro to 2007

    Hi all I have a 2003 macro which I inherited from someone else. In theory I believe it should run in 2007. But when I run it I get the following error message. Run-time error '445' Object doesn't support this action Here's the macro. Can anyone help me to get it working please. Thanks in...
  15. M

    VBA - Going from 2003 to 2007

    Hi I have recently upgraded excel from 2003 to 2007. Now a report that I run with quite a lot of VBA-code is not working. When opening the file I get a warning that not all content can be read but if i trust the user excel will try to repair the file. after pressing yes i get this...
  16. R

    VBA to add checkboxes 2003 vs. 2010

    Hi All, I'm trying to add checkboxes to my worksheet using VBA and stumbled across this code which looks like it'd do the job: Mr Excel thread from 2002 Pasting this into Excel 2010 and it doesn't seem to like the ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add bit (ClassType specified as a Form Checkbox.)...
  17. R

    Conditionally format rows based duplicates only found in first column? Then Filter.

    Hi All, I’ve seen a couple of threads that have started me in the right direction but I can’t figure out how to apply them to my situation. This will be a big info dump and if anyone sees an alternative solution that is obvious and I've missed then I'm all ears. I'm trying to conditionally...
  18. QueeniePie

    Leftover Excel 2003 Custom Toolbar in 2007 will not delete

    Afternoon, Many years ago my esteemed former colleague created a very complicated spreadsheet in Excel 2003 which I shall call "Parasite". He departed for sunnier climes a couple of years ago and I have since been given the task of updating this spreadsheet. The original spreadsheet contained...
  19. W

    Automatically adding row of data to alphabetised tab

    Hi folks I am in a bit of a pickle; I am a 2007/11 user ordinarily but have to work with 2003 for this task and am stuck. Does anyone know if it is possible to automatically add row of data to an alphabetised tab? I am hoping to use the form function to add new entries but there doesn’t seem...
  20. T

    2003 and 2013 interaction

    Hi all, New to posting on these forums, though been a regular viewer for a few months now. I have a rather basic question, or so I think, but struggling to find the answer anywhere! I want to create an excel doc at home (using excel 2013) which will be a test style doc, featuring option...

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