1. R

    Excel table 2007 use indirect function in a row or column reference

    Hello Excel Experts, I am trying to use the indirect function in a table reference to return the value at the intersection of the row and column, like so: =Table5[#This Row] Table5[indirect(C7)] However despite many variations or attempts with the match formula, this isn't working. The lovely...
  2. K

    Graph Auto Scale Not Working

    We just upgraded from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007. I have graph where I can use a drop down to select different departments to view. Since the upgrade the "auto" scale on the Y axis is not working on some of the graphs. Some display properly and some do not. The scale is way too high. I also have...
  3. S

    Excel 2007 Pivot Tables, Display Row Data on Each Line

    2007 Excel - I'm creating a pivot table and in column A I have row labels but when I have row labels in columns A & B column A only shows the label on each new occurance of a new label and I need to have the label (data) to appear for each line. Basically, How do I get this (Region...
  4. C

    Macro to repeat for all worksheets

    Good Afternoon. Having just developed a Rostering package in Excel, I forgot to name ranges as I was going along. I want to name certain ranges on each sheet with the same names (station names) so that to go to a certain station, a macro will simply pick a range and go to it. In other...
  5. B

    Excel 2010 - "smoothed line" in Radar charts changed??

    Hello all. I've upgraded to Office 2010 and have noticed that there seems to be a difference in the way that radar charts are handled since Excel 2007. I have long used the radar charts to show smoothed lines around the radar. I've done this by formatting the line properties for the series and...
  6. B

    Any way to save a color template in excel 2007?

    I'm getting sick of plugging in RBG values over and over again for my company's custom color package. If you could help me develop a custom color template in excel 2007 it would save me a lot of time. Thanks!
  7. aamir

    countifs showing no results

    i using following formula but it returns no results COUNTIFS($O:$O,S16,$B:$B,R16,$P:$P,$T$15) O:O, is list of names S16, is specific name B:B, is Items list R16, is specific item P:P, is only month (mmm) derived from a date column (dd/mm/yy) T15, is month [Jan, Feb, Mar,......Dec] i think i...
  8. M

    compatibility mode and new file creation

    I have an .xls file (compatibility mode) containing about 40 worksheets. My goal is to save each worksheet as a separate workbook. To do this, I turned to David Mcritchie's macro, found here: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/saveas.htm I run this macro in Excel 2007. It works, but I get the...
  9. C

    How to automate emails and invoices from Excel datasheet

    I would appreciate any help or tips please. I'm not an expert Excel user, and can just about make the most simple worksheet with references to Excel 2007 bookds, I have the office 2007 Suite, in case anyone needs to know. what want to do is this. I have a small business, where i sell online...
  10. V

    Conditional Formatting on Pivot Data in Excel 2007 using VBA

    I have the following code in an Excel Worksheet for Conditional Formatting... Sub setConFormat(intLL, intTar) 'intLL=0.77 and intTar=0.8 With Selection .FormatConditions.Delete .FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlCellValue, Operator:=xlGreaterEqual _ ...
  11. H

    Excel 2007 border printing wierdity!

    I have a multi tab spreadsheet, with borders for boxes on several pages. In 2003 I can print each page showing the borders allowing manual ticking as a printed check box. Opening this file in 2007, the borders print fine on some tabs, and on others do not print at all. I'm using the same...
  12. VAndre

    slow refresh times in excel 2007 for workbooks with user-defined functions

    I have a couple of workbooks that use VBA functions. They have worked well in Excel2003 environments, but refresh time is very slow once I migrated to Excel2007. The speed is so slow that there is a visible series of blinks every time I refresh. It's really bad (I literally got a migraine the...
  13. megnin

    Can't edit a named range in Excel 2007

    I have a pivot table using a named range as the data source. I had to add another column to the data, so now my named range needs to be expanded. In "Formulas" | "Name Manager" this "Name" has an icon that looks like a little table. I have other "Names" and they all have icons that look like...
  14. K

    Import XML into EXCEL

    Can someone help me figure out a way to import multiple xml files into Excel 2007... THe XML feed is quite large and I really only need a few things stripped out of each one (its always the same field every time)
  15. H

    Networkdays problems in 2007

    I have a worksheet that uses the Networkdays() function. In Excel 2003 I had to use the Analysis Toolkit Ad-in to get it to work. In Excel 2007 the Networkdays() function is native but I still, randomly, get an error where my Networkdays () formula gets converted to an #N/A error. If it retype...
  16. D

    Shapes Shift in Different Views

    I am working on a Dashboard (in Excel 2007), and I've noticed that when I switch between Normal View and Page Layout View some shapes move in relation to each other. Does anyone know why that occurs, and if there is a fix?
  17. Grizlore

    Digital Signatures in Excel 2007

    Am I missing something? Why apply a 'digital signature' to your VBA code anymore? In Excel 2003 your could digitally sign code and then the Users were prompted to either ENABLE, DISABLE, or install the certificate and then always trust the signer. In Excel 2007, they user can't ENABLE, unless...
  18. R

    Excel 2007 - Autofilter - copy visible cells in columns - working in 2003 problem in 2007

    Hi All, I went through the threads and I couldn't find the solution which could be helpful so...maybe someone;P will be able to find the way how to deal with the issue I encountered when I switched from excel 2003 to 2007. Macro is located in workbook 1 and it opens another one (workbook 2)...
  19. L

    Excel 2007 Pivot table Problem - Change source but pivot doesn't update

    Hi, I have a large table of source data in excel 2007 which I have pivoted. I am consequently going through changing some of the data in one column (it contains several variations of names complete with typing errors etc). I then right click on the pivot and refresh, but the old miss spelt...
  20. M

    Cut vertical data from web site and paste horizontal.

    I am trying to cut data from a site, (i.e. Name, address, city, etc) that is in a vertical column. I want to paste it in a horizontal manner so I can do mail outs. I try the past special under the paste tab in 2007 and all it gives me is the option to paste html, text and something else with...

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