1. S

    Complete code to Execute Macro in all Excel files in folders and subfolders

    Hello, is it possible to complete this code for MS Excel 2013, so when macro runs, it actually asks for folder, but when selected it would be good that when looping through main folder (that was chosen) it loops in all folders and subfolders and execute simple macro (that is in the code already)...
  2. E

    Pricing comparison

    hey; i need your help; i have a sheet containing 500 types of equipment each equipment has 2 or three prices and i need to get from it the min price , average and max prices and returning the supplier name for each value
  3. B

    Bulk Export VCF to Excel

    So I have over 1500 VCF files that I need to export to an Excel spreadsheet I tried the conventional Windows Import > Export way but it seems to be taking forever to convert just a few files Does anyone know of a free tool or a convenient way I could do this quickly? I am running Excel...
  4. A

    Macro works in Excel 2013 but not in 2016, Run-time error '1004'

    I am a complete noob to VBA. We have a macro that runs fine on Excel 2013 but gets a Run-time error on 2016. The part of the macro where it hangs up is trying to copy and paste merged cells. The error states "To do this, all merged cells need to be the same size." They are the same size. It...
  5. R

    PowerPivot count measure

    Hi! I've got a question that is fairly hard to describe (hence the topic title) and impossible to google for, so I'm forced to turn to the experts... Bear with me while I paint the picture. First and foremost: I'm using Excel 2013. I've got a large table, couple thousand rows by a hundred or...
  6. M

    Invalid Procedure Call or Argument VBA Error - 2016 vs 2013?

    I recorded a macro in 2016 and it works fine. Two other users on 2016 have also used it with no issues. I sent the file to a user on Excel 2013 and they get an Invalid Procedure Call or Argument error. I even tried recording the same macro from their computer and it gives me the same error...
  7. S

    Show value for filter field selection in pivot chart, not button (column) name

    Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I could not seem to find the information that I need. Running Excel 2013 on Win 10 I have a pivot chart which is showing the Report Filter Field buttons with the names of the columns (I have renamed the Source for each to Custom names). I would like to see...
  8. R

    MOS Excel (specialist) 40% in Function and formulas. WHY?!

    Hi guys. Im here looking for a solution of a problem im triying to solve: in the Mos Excel 2013 im reaching 40% in function and formulas section and i dont know why :( And i am wondering: Which one is the best/proper way of using the functions?
  9. H

    Excel 2013: Need a formula to convert a score between 1-4 to a 1-7 scale with two decimals?

    Hi all, My organisation currently use a 1-4 scale to score our grounds maintenance contractor's workmanship. However, our contractor use 1-7. I need a formula that will convert one to another with 1=1 and 4=7. I need the results to show down to 2 decimals i.e.: 1.00 = 1.00 1.50 = 2.00 2.00...
  10. G

    pulling data from one sheet to another based on several criterias & using lists

    Hi everyone, I am so glad i joined this forumn, it has already answered many of my questions i had. The one that is left is i cant seem to figure out why my formulas dont seem to work on some salespeople & it does for some. ( back story: I am trying to pull salespeople information using...
  11. C

    Excel 2013 blank workbook overwritten

    Hello everyone. When you open an empty excel application, it has by default 1 empty workbook, with 3 sheets (this number is configurable). If you then open another workbook (under the same application) with some content, some differences arise between 2007 and 2013: - in Excel 2007 version...
  12. K

    Error 91 - Defining variables

    Hello and thank you for your time. I have created a report that is shared with clients that has a private sub for when the workbook opens. One of my clients is getting an issue with the bold line of code. Here is some basic information: I wrote the code/created the workbook in Excel 2016...
  13. K

    VBA code to Filter based on contents of specific cell.

    Hi, relatively new to VBA Coding. I'm using Excel 2013, Windows 7 I am trying to build a macro to filter a data Table by a specific date(format dd/mm/yyyy). Within my data Table is a specific column (13) that contains the dates I want to filter by. When I run my macro it seems to convert the...
  14. M

    Microsoft xml v6.0 not working in excel 2013

    Related thread: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/783092-new-computer-3.html Hello, I have a weird issue. I have spreadsheet with some macros that parse xml files and presents the data in relevant columns. The code was written in excel 2010 and works fine in that environment...
  15. R

    Error message when i open the 2013 excel file with macro

    Hi there, I havean error message "excel found unreadable content in "name of the wb 2013 excel file" do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? if you trust the source of this workbook, click yes" If i click yes "name of the wb 2013 excel file" [REPAIRED] <<----- file name.. and try...
  16. R

    VBA - Disable alerts not working properly for wb.Close

    In an excel 2010 workbook (which I test on a local 2013 version) i have run into the following problem. After creating a workbook(wb) i need to then close it without saving. To do this i change DisplayAlerts to false and then back to true after closing. This works as intended for when I...
  17. J

    Navigating between workbooks in 2013

    Have just recently upgraded from 2010 to 2013. I notice with 2 books open that when I attempt to click within the foreground workbook that my cursor lands on a background workbook. Repeatedly. I generally Alt-tab between to navigate. The only way to make contact with the correct book is to...
  18. L

    Data Model damaged in all workbooks

    I use Office 2013, and often create pivot tables that require I check off the "Add this data to the Data Model" box when selecting the data range. I know that this can only be done in an excel workbook (and not a CSV, etc.) and have never had an issue building this table before. Suddenly, every...
  19. G

    Excel compatibility issue 2013 vs 2007

    I have a file that has been sent to me by a third party that was created in Excel 2013. I have 2007 as our standard issue at work. The file has been sent to me in both xlsx and xlsm form. In both cases, the file opens fine in 2007 but in the case of 3 tabs only, just the act of selecting any...
  20. R

    Pivot Table Style For 'Blank Row' Only Applies To First Blank Row

    Good afternoon all, I'm using Excel 2013. When I add in blank rows to a pivot table ('insert blank line after each item' in pivot table design options) and then try to format them in Pivot Table styling ('Blank Row' in the styling options), the formatting only applies to the first blank row in...

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