1. R

    VBA Help Needed

    Hi Please I need some expert help I have 2 sheets Sheet1 and Sheet2 I need to copy the value of a cell in Column E and have it paste into a data filter in Sheet 2 cell A5 It then needs to copy whatever the returned value in column B and whatever the row is dependent on where the value was...
  2. A

    VBA/Macro "Return to most recent worksheet"

    I have a macro I want to iron out... I need to copy/paste specific columns from one work sheet to another. I believe I have it to where when I run the macro, it will successfully copy/paste the columns. My problem is the way I wrote the macro, it only knows to do it between two certain...
  3. H

    Using Macros to "Change picture"

    Hi All, I need to make several hundred excel files which all have the same layout with different information (I.D. Cards). I have resolved all time consuming issues except manually changing the picture for each person. My idea is to write a macro and assign to a button that does the same thing...
  4. E

    Excel PowerPivot Slicer - sort month chronologically

    Hi seniors, This is my second day of learning to use Data Query, PowerPivot and Slicers in excel 2016. I am trying to create an Excel Dashboard where the data is fetched from multiple excel files located in a particular folder path through a Query and then the connections are made and added to...
  5. L

    Update Excel 2003 Code to 2016

    I have a code in my Excel sheet to upload multiple pictures from a scanner. In the 2003 version of Excel, I have a Macro for "Insert Picture from Scanner or Camera" function called "TWAIN" with the following code: Application.CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=1764).Execute With the changes in Excel...
  6. D

    Vlookup for excel 2016 on mac

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #000000}</style>need a faster way to vlookup instead of having to manually scroll down all your data. on PC you can hit ctrl,shift,down and it will highlight all your columns to your last field with...
  7. L

    Editable cells in Power Pivot table - Need help disabling

    I've come across a problem I didn't know was possible and need some help disabling it. I originally created a Power Pivot table for my boss. At some point working with it he enabled the ability to edit the cells directly in the Pivot. He is not sure how or when it happened, it was later...
  8. M

    Mac 2016 Remove Duplicates Popup window

    Hi, I have been looking in the forum if anyone have found a solution to the problem when using remove duplicates in Excel for Mac 2016 a popup window appears that doesn't allow the code to continue. I have spent some time looking for a workaround and it seems that issue hasn't been resolved...
  9. A

    Excel 2016 - Pivot Charts customization causes Excel to crash...

    Every time I need to create a pivot chart and I start customizing the colors on the filters, excel will inevitably crash and restart itself - sometimes offering a repaired version of my excel file. Most times it just reopens wherever i last saved any updates. Why is the chart customization...
  10. A

    VBA Macro to apply conditional formatting

    I would so very much appreciate a solution as this has been driving me nuts for days! I have applied 12 conditional formatting rules in my sheet, all to the same range. Pretty basic, they are to colour the rows dependent on the project status code entered into column J. Problem is, when a new...
  11. H

    How to make ISFORMULA conditional format exclude 'manual' formulas

    I have a conditional format in Excel 2016 set to shade cells that are formulas using the ISFORMULA() function. However, it also shades cells that include two manually input values added --- i.e. =1000+2000. That cell is still a value that will need to be input and, thus, NOT shaded. Any...
  12. 8

    Lookup or calculate nearest bigger value of table items where items are not unique.

    Dear All Excel MASTERS, HLEP! Let's say I have an excel file which have 2 sheets : "Inbox" and "Sent" in those sheets, there are 2 columns : "Name" and "SCORE" what I am trying to do, is to always get the nearest bigger "Score" (minimum value which is bigger) for any "Name" in the "Inbox"...
  13. T

    #DIV/0! error Excel 2016

    hi, in Cells T4:T6 i will enter numbers, in T7 I will be averaging those 3 numbers. =Average(t4:t6). I drag that formulas across 20 column. I get the DIV error in the columns that have not been filled yet. Despite my best efforts, I cannot make the error go away and say return a blank or a 0...
  14. G

    Unable to Tab from unlocked merged cells to any other unlocked cell

    Hello. I apologize if this question has been asked. I tried to locate any threads pertaining to my issue but could not locate what I was looking for specifically, but I could have overlooked any that were posted. I have a locked worksheet with several unlocked cells. Some of the cells are...
  15. A

    Macro works in Excel 2013 but not in 2016, Run-time error '1004'

    I am a complete noob to VBA. We have a macro that runs fine on Excel 2013 but gets a Run-time error on 2016. The part of the macro where it hangs up is trying to copy and paste merged cells. The error states "To do this, all merged cells need to be the same size." They are the same size. It...
  16. A

    Is there a way to document Pivot Table value summariy calculations?

    I am looking for a way to document how pivot table summary calculations are put together. Sum Count Average Max Min Product Count Numbers StdDev StdDevp Var Varp and how they are used with cell values.
  17. C

    Excel 2016 slicer item now has wrong name but refers to correct item in pivot table? Very strange

    This has to be the strangest bug I've ever seen in Excel. I created 2 slicers that control numerous pivot tables. In VBA, I check who the user is on login and then loop through the slicer names to set their name as the only one marked as true. Simple code right--the same code I have done in...
  18. J

    I need Ribbon Help!

    In Excel 2016 How Do I add certain tools to my ribbon? Every single time I try to use certain tools in excel, they do not appear in my ribbon for me to use. Why? and how can I add the tools to my ribbon? Thank you!
  19. V

    Plotting horizontal bars over range

    Hi fellow Excel professionals, I searched the Web and the forum, but didn't find the solution for a problem very similar to one regularly and recently discussed. I have to draw dynamic bar chart colored red, amber, or green depending on whether the value crossed the limit. That is an easy part...
  20. J

    Excel 2016 FORECAST.ETS.STAT (Step Size) Meaning?

    Hi all, I've been googling high and low for the meaning of "step size" in the function FORECAST.ETS.STAT, but I couldn't find anything beyond "Step size detected Returns the step size detected in the historical timeline." What does this mean, actually? This is one of the sources I referred...

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