1. R

    Correlation Matrix keying on one variable

    I have a dataset - see below - that shows the quiz grades of 30 students in 6 different classrooms over 5 days in February.​ I'd like to create a correlation matrix to show the relationship between these students and their grades, but I am ONLY interested in seeing correlations between kids in...
  2. T

    group cases by months between two dates

    I need to get a count of cases associated with vendors, grouped by month over a time between two dates. The month part is where I have trouble. I don't know how to make the query "count" each case number by vendor for each month. Ideally what I would get is something like Vendor Month...
  3. B

    Bubble Chart With Date Series

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to create a bubble chart out of the data below that shows each product as the same color, the date along the x-axis, the affinity index on the y-axis, and the avg basket $ as the bubble size? I've been searching, but can't find an example of what I'm...
  4. O

    Seeking for Help. thanks

    Hi All, <colgroup><col width="58" span="3" style="width:43pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Date Month Value 1/1/2018 Jan 2 2/1/2018 Jan 4 3/1/2018 Jan 8 1/1/2018 Jan 1 2/1/2018 Jan 3 3/1/2018 Jan 5 1/1/2018 Jan 7...
  5. C

    If formula with a index and match not working

    I have a few date ranges, Column A2 and down and Row 2B to the right. I have multiple dates of the rows and would like a SUMIF formula to pick up the correct amount. Example: Sheet 1: <tbody> 2/9/2018 2/9/2018 2/16/2018 2/1/2018 5 2 1 2/2/2018 1 2 3 2/3/2018 4 5 6 </tbody> Sheet...
  6. L

    DAX IF Statement

    I have a Power Pivot column called "Timeliness" that has values such as After 2/1/2018, Before 2/1/2018, After 3/1/2018, Before 3/1/2018. How do I create a IF statement that counts the rows for all the one's that are for After? The Excel formula would be like =COUNTIFS($A$1:$A$5,"After*")...
  7. G

    IF stament wih date ranges and between

    Hello anybody can help me solve a formula to check if the inv date fall between a promo allowance and if so get that promo allowance % and multiply by case, below is the data incentive table that im referring, I will like to bring the percentage...
  8. J

    Sumproduct Help

    I have a huge spreadsheet that updates monthly and I want to insert a column at the beginning for ease in reconciliation of the current balance and current AD. See example below...I basically want to update the date field on a monthly basis and get the current balances populated. Thinking this...
  9. Z

    Looking up dates and splitting a travel cost evenly

    Hi, I want a formula that will look up dates and split a travel cost evenly for contractors. For example: If they work on two jobs on one day, I want to split the daily travel costs evenly. 1/1/2018 Job A 8 hours 2/1/2018 Job A 4 hours 2/1/2018 Job B 4 hours 3/2/2018 Job C 8 hours 4/2/2018...
  10. R

    Increment Cell Number based on Date & Time

    I have tried everything out there from google search to youtube videos but cannot find anything to help me get to the below example. Does anyone have a formula that would work? The top set is based on the date and time in column b. The bottoms set is based on the date in column b and the time in...
  11. K

    Count of Date Range and ID

    Hello, I have a set of data points that I am trying to get a count on the number of times a start date is within the date range of other lines and it has the same ID (Pos). I'm guessing it would count its own line and I am looking to count other lines that fulfill the same criteria. Below is a...
  12. D

    Create a type of psuedo gantt chart

    I'd like to create a 'pseudo' gantt chart of sorts My Project data is on Columns A:U, TimelineDates start in Column V, Column A is the Project number and is always a number, never blank or NULL, There are 2 header lines, so the Project data starts in row A3...

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