1. L

    range.interior.color - value

    Hi What is the maximum value that color can take? I wrote the code below. Can I say the min value is 0 which is the value of rgb(0,0,0) and max value is 16777215 which is the value of rgb(255,255,255) Can I say that? Thank you very much. Sub myrgb() MsgBox RGB(0, 0, 0) MsgBox RGB(255...
  2. R

    How do I get rid of #VALUE! AND 0

    #VALUE ! AND 0 How do I get rid of these when I use this code =MID(LEFT(ues!C2,LEN(ues!C2)-11),FIND(" ",ues!C2)+1,255)&", "&LEFT(ues!C2,FIND(" ",ues!C2)) and this one too =MID(LEFT(ues!C2,LEN(ues!C2)-11),FIND(" ",ues!C2)+1,255)&", "&LEFT(ues!C2,FIND(" ",ues!C2))&"ICE"
  3. C

    (VBA) FormulaArray Character Limit

    I'm running into some problems with the character limit on the .FormulaArray property in vba. I've seen some workarounds but as far as I can tell, none of them would apply to my situation. The workbook I'm working on is a model that, in part, imports data from another workbook. The formula...
  4. E

    Netting -Non Netting with condition

    Hi All, Below in the column b i have put the formula as =+COUNTIF($A$2:A2,A2)>COUNTIF($A$2:$A$13,-A2) which gives me false if there is an netting available for that amount in that column A. But i want if the column C also has the same number or string along with the netting(False-ColumnA) found...
  5. N

    Display ASCII Character Codes higher than 255 in appropriate script

    Hi there - I've been trying to get Excel to display high-value ASCII codes but am failing so far... Basically, I've extracted a load of data from an SQL database, and a large amount of the data is appearing as character codes (e.g. "&#1332 ;" - without the space in between the "2" and the ";")...
  6. F

    Template for a 255-series scatter and/or bubble chart - multiple series scatter

    Hello! I'd need to create a scatter chart and a bubble chart where each point/bubble is a standalone series. All series should have the same marker/colour/format and will have 3 values for the scatter (series name, X value and Y value) and 4 for the bubble (series name, x value, Y value...
  7. S

    How do I get around Pivot tables limited to 255 data fields

    Good afternoon, I'm currently using Excel 2007. I receive a CSV from a seperate team and over the past few months it has been enhanced to provide added functionality but as a result now contains more than 255 data fields. Due to the size of the data, I need to import the CSV into a Pivot table...

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