1. R

    Simple Copy

    How can I extract the year "1851" from "AL011851" and copy that year for 14 rows. This process repeats with the variables being the year and the number of rows for that particular year. The number of rows to copy is given in a certain cell in column F. There are 52,000 rows in total. Example...
  2. P

    adjustment to print code needed

    Hi, I'm currently using the following code to print pages 1 and 2 of any worksheet named with a 4-digit number ... For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets If ws.Name Like "#####" Then ws.Range("P22:U22").Font.Color = vbWhite ws.Range("P22:U22").Interior.Color = vbWhite...
  3. P

    Code to print all sheets named with a 4-digit code

    I have a workbook with a very large number of sheets, some named with a word or a person's name, but many are named with a 4-digit number (eg: 3476, 6589, 2376, etc etc etc). Is there a code that would print just Page 1 of all sheets that are named with a 4-digit number ? Regards, John

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