400 error

  1. A

    Error 400 in VBA to copy data between workbooks

    So I am banging my head against a wall because I keep getting the helpful "Error 400" box but obviously its not showing me where my code is failing. What I am essentially trying to do is copy data from one workbook to another by inserting a formula to pull it from one workbook into the other...
  2. B

    Error 1004 when saving copied worksheets as new workbook

    I am automating the production of a load of output reports, and was getting a 400 Error when I tried to run. I have now narrowed it down and through the err.description have identified it as a 1004 error "The cell or chart you're trying to change is on a protected sheet. To make a change...
  3. D

    Error 400 (1004 in Debug)

    Hi there, So happy I found this forum of experts. Hopefully someone can help diagnose this error. Sub TransactionIndex() Dim Index As Long Dim Current As Range Dim Row As Range Index = 1 Set Current = Worksheets("Test").Range("D2") Set Row =...
  4. K

    400 Error on Button Press Before Sub-Procedure Runs

    I have a button (Form Control not ActiveX Control) that when pressed, calls a sub procedure inside inside a worksheet module for the worksheet that the button is on. For whatever reason after opening the workbook the first time I click on the button, it produces a 400 error: Every time I click...
  5. M

    Macro Runs only from VBA Editor. Returns 400 Error when attempt to run from Excel.

    I have a macro that inserts formulas, fills down, and copies and pastes as value. It executes perfectly when run form inside the VBA editor. I receive a 400 error when I try to run from Excel. Here is the code. Sub InsertFormulas() Dim lrow As Long lrow =...
  6. T

    Open a workbook and copy the first sheet into a defined sheet in excel vba

    Hi, I am trying to write some code to load a sheet from another excel workbook into excel. But although I can open the file, I get a 400 error and the sheet does not copy. Code: Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim MyFile As String MyFile = Application.GetOpenFilename()...
  7. L

    Macro stopped working, but works when I step through it

    I've recently added several new macros, and they are functioning well, but some of my old macros are not working. When I execute the old macros, I get a pop-up window with "Windows Visual Basic for Application" as it's title, and ":crash: 400" as the message; there also are an "OK" and a "Help"...
  8. A

    using XML in VBA

    Hello All, I am trying to send a SOAP request to a webservice from VBA, But i always get http400/BAD request error. I tried a lot resolve this issue but it doesnt seem to work at all, not sure what could be wrong, kindly help me please
  9. B

    400 Error / Run Time Error 1004

    Hi, I've written a macro which has been working perfectly for all but one user. The original spreadsheets have been in place for around a year however the Macro is new and the final users spreadsheet is new as well. Whenever i try and run the below for this user only and on any PC i get a...

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