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    Automation object call from excel macro on windows 2008 r2 terminal server fails with run time error 429

    Since this is my first question on Mr. Excel, I thought I would make it a doozie lol. I am trying to convert a macro written for 32-bit Excel that feeds data into the IBM AS400 mainframe. I have read articles like the one found here which state that the issue I am having is "....a permanent...
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    Date calculations in Excel 2016 VBA

    ' The following block of code calculates the service user's age and turns on the 'Child' radio button _ if the service user is under 18 years of age. ' This works fine in Excel 2007 but crashes out in Excel 2016 with a compile error (can't find project or library) on the highlighted line. '...
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    64 bit system problem

    Over the last few years I have been building, expanding and expanding more a spreadsheet program. It started with 2003 Excel and now I primarily use 2010, but my laptops only have 2007 so it gets spread around. Things were fine till December. Microsoft update and command buttons was the...
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    Free Excel Addins

    Hi, I am currently running the 64 bit version of excel 2013. Are you aware of any add in like ASAP utilities that will work with this version? I am looking for the date fixing feature in particular. For instance, 12-03-2014 would show u in my data as 12/03/14 or 12.3.2014 ASAP utilities fixes...
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    64 Bit Excel 2013 Macro to Make PPT Slide

    Hey, everyone! New to the boards, but used them for a while - thanks for all the great help! I create a lot of charts in my job, and I've been using a macro that copies the print area from each sheet into our company's PPT template while also copying the title from A42, subtitle from A43, file...
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    How to program Excel 2010 Win7 64bit to play audio waves in response to changing variables

    Operating environment: Windows 7 64 bit running Excel 2010. My present application processes streaming data and generates constantly changing visual interpretations. Now I want to make the application talk to me in English. My plan: 1. Record a variety of alert messages and action commands as...
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    Saving on 64 bit and opening on 32 bit gives error

    I have always used 32 bit Excel 2007 on a windows 64 bit machine. I have a very decent work laptop and recently got IT to install 64 bit Office 2013 for me. I use many workbooks that get large including tabs with 700k to 1 million rows. I used to have Excel tell me it cannot complete current...
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    64 bit add-ins

    I have recently gone 64bit and really miss ASAP utilities as an add-in, while recognising the huge benefits that going 64bit has made to my work life. Is there a list anywhere of 64 bit add-ins? Is there anything that even approaches ASAP in scope? Actually 32bit ASAP is so good, I am...

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