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    Finding multiple results

    Hi All, I am having a real hard time trying to explain what am actually trying to do as result so I have tried to demo it below. I need to change this <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Ref Result a123 1 b123 2 c123 3...
  2. N

    Copy range to another sheet when match conditions

    Hi all Hi have sheet(data) and sheet(source) like belove Sheet(data): <tbody> A B C 1 A123 999 888 2 A124 456 789 3 A125 123 456 4 A126 741 852 5 A127 987 987 </tbody> And Sheet(source): <tbody> A B C D E 1 ... ... A121 123 456 2 ... ... A122 456 789 3 ... ... A123 789 789...
  3. I

    PQ: append tables and get unique values

    Hi Guys Please could you help me to develop this solution in the Power Query. I believe I understand steps I need to go through or at least this is how I would do it in MS Access but not sure how to do it in PQ as I am really new to this. I especially struggle with Steps 4, 5, 6 1 Bring all...
  4. I

    What is the quick shortcut/Hot key that ive seen when applying code down the page

    Hi, As per title, I have seen a video which had no sound & wasnt clear what he had done BUT he entered a formula into say cell A10 Now he didnt grab the marker in the bottom right corner of that cell and drag to say A123 But used some kind of sortcut / hot key etc When you then looked down the...
  5. S

    Increment based on Adjecent Cells

    Hi All, Not been here for a while. Hope you are all ok and can help. <tbody> Column A Column B A123 A123 A124 A125 A126 A126 A126 A126 A126 </tbody> I have 2 columns as above. I want to add the incremental count of each number in column A into column B...
  6. N

    Concatenate cell value in asending order based on repeatation of another value

    Hi All, I have a data in range N5 : T till last cell, in below format <tbody> cellname tRXID BSIC HSN MAIO FreqList Saut A123 1 20 0 1017 2 A123 2 20 11 1 988 2 A123 3 20 11 1 2000 2 B123 1 41 0 81 2 B123 2 41 18 1 83 2 C12 1 51 0 982 1 D12 1 20 0 123 1 E12 1 40 0...
  7. R

    Index to return all the vales from row match, in an array

    Hello, I have the following problem, I make a index to return an array of numbers. <tbody> part price lookup result a123 11 a123 =index(B2:B7,Match(C2:C7,A2:A7,0)) a124 12 a125 match would return: {1;3;6;#N/A;#N/A;#N/A} a125 13 a128 and index would only return 11 a126 14 a127 15...
  8. G

    Excel formula - vlookup/if/index?

    Hello, I need a formula that will: Refer to a specific cell E1, check if E1 has any value at B column in table "Table1" (A1:B8). In table "Table1", at B column, there are different values (including duplicated values) corresponding to cell E1. If a specific text "Mary" is available, then...
  9. C

    PowerPivot - Formula Filtering

    SKU Reason Code Total Cost Date A123 5 100 1/1/2017 B456 98 200 1/2/2017 A123 98 300...
  10. J

    VLOOKUP and MIN functions

    Example worksheets: I'm trying to resolve for Worksheet1 B2 - B4 I want to find the earliest transaction date in Worksheet2 for each UniqueID in Worksheet1 Column A and place the date in Worksheet1 Column B. There are only unique ID numbers in A Worksheet 1 Worksheet2 is a transaction table...

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