access & vba

  1. J

    Export Formatting to CSV

    I am fumbling through some steps to automate an export from access to a csv file. I have created a macro to run a query when access opens; '------------------------------------------------------------ ' AutoExec ' '------------------------------------------------------------ Function AutoExec()...
  2. C

    Excel To Access v.v.

    Hello everyone. It's nice to be back here. Obviously, I need a big help from this forum, again. I am to develop a project that would allow may co-team mates to request for Vacations Leaves via Excel (using a Data Entry form). These request will go directly to a database in Access. Why Access? I...
  3. S

    VB Code to Open Save and Close xls file

    hello. i have the following code that is working. the only issue i have is that the template file grows in size and gets too my process loops. i simply want to add code to open, save and close the template file. here is the code...
  4. K

    Import Excel sheet to Access

    Hi, I am attempting to create a convertor tool in Access which will take values in a given spreadsheet, perform the conversion calculation and then export back to excel. So far I have managed to perform the calculation effectively as well as export in a limited way. Basically I am just looking...
  5. S

    Cómo Importar o vincular CSV con más de 255 columnas en ACCESS ?

    Hola, tengo un .csv con más de 255 columnas (395 exactamente), únicamente necesito 3 columnas pero no puedo manipular el archivo de origen manualmente, es decir, no puedo dividirlo en dos. Las columnas son: 131, 208 y 282 He intentado hacerlo por el asistente pero Access no me permite hacerlo...
  6. A


    Hi! I have a table that I put into a subform so users can fill out portions of the data. The user will review the work and write in who is responsible, the credit category, cause, and notes. I want to hide the TINITIALS (username) and STAMP (time stamp). I want to use an Event, but I can't...
  7. Manuel Cavero

    Query to two Access databases

    Hi everyone I'm working in a code that need retrieves data from two Access databases, but unfortunately it doesn't works What the matter? Dim cn as adodb.connection Dim Qr as string Dim rs as adodb.recordset 'Opens the conection set cn = new adodb.connection with cn...
  8. S

    Parse numeric substring, generate accounting key

    Hello, I'm a full time software developer, helping out a charity with their Access (.accdb) database in my spare time. There I need to work with an existing database that connects basic entities from one table with actions to perform on them in another table; everything is properly linked (1...
  9. S

    SQL in VBA help

    HI, I am having issues with my current SQL Statement. my immediate window is throwing the current error: "-2147217900:Invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'." I am trying to determine the number of records in the Dates table based on two fields...
  10. N

    Dymanic Form Creation

    I am a novice with MS Access, and I am working on an important assignment. I am stuck on the next steps. I currently have a form, four update queries (all updating one table), and one table (called products and services; the data type of each field is a Yes/No). Using macros, I’ve successful...
  11. T

    Correct dates inserted into incorrect fields in table.

    I have a table that has serial numbers with dates that show when a job was entered, the date it was closed and the date it was installed. The Date of the installation is on the incorrect line and I would like to have it put onto the correct line. How can I do this in Access without going thru...
  12. S

    MS Access Top N Values Show in Table

    Hi, I have a table in Access which contains sales total. I need only Top 2 Values in each column. My input data is below: <colgroup><col span="8"></colgroup><tbody> Prd_Code Prd_Desc Cat_Code Cat_Desc Q1_Sales Q2_Sales Q3_Sales Q4_Sales 111 ABC 11 A 12 12 87 34 222 DEF 22 B 43 56 56 56...
  13. A

    Append Query doesn't Run but doesn't Error

    Hello, i have a VBA code that sends data from excel to one of three access databases. Table1 and Table2 work great. but the data for Table3 is sent to a TempTable. From here, the all the data in TempTable is linked with 5 columns in Table1 in an Append Query. Up until here everything works...
  14. L

    Updating or Adding a Record in Access with Excel VBA

    Hello All, I'm currently using a macro that pushes data from a sheet in Excel to the appropriate column in an Access table (referred to throughout as 'AssignedVol_tbl') at the click of a button. However, the code I'm using will currently only add a new record to the database whereas I want...
  15. M

    VBA to Export Data from Excel to Access

    Dear Experts VBA code required to Export Data from Excel to Access I have a table in excel with 5 columns that I want to export to an access database. The data in excel is per below and all the 5 columns exist with the same heading names in the access database. The table name in the database...
  16. T

    Search an Access database from Excel

    I have a very heavy MS Access database of 2 columns across 4m rows. Importing it to a workbook is not possible considering the number of rows. I am looking to search for values in column 1 from an xls spreadsheet, and retrieve the corresponding value in column 2. A sort of VLOOKUP from excel...
  17. T

    Lock range based on cell value

    Hi, I am trying to come up with process for an online Excel sheet which will lock access to a range if a cell is set to "Yes" Please see below link...
  18. I

    SQL result to msgbox

    Hello everyone, I am trying to display the result of a SQL select query in a message box in access 2016. My initial thinking was that I need to use Openrecordset, but for some reason I can't manage to get it to work. This is my code: sqlstring = "Select [Current Period] from tblCHinfo"...
  19. A

    VB Access DAO converting to SQLDB

    Hello guys, My company has a huge VB, wich contains of 15000 lines. Now this is connected to a access db, but because it needs to connect to a Maximo environment, it need to change to a sql database. What are the easy ways or hard ways for me to change this. Or is there even an option to...
  20. J

    Updating Access Database through Excel Userform - Primary/Foreign Keys

    Hi, I'm relatively new to using Excel to add records to an access database. I have the following code that when the user presses the submit button it adds the record within access database. Set db = OpenDatabase(DatabasePath) 'Open the 'Lab_Submissions' table within the database Set rst =...

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