1. G

    Populate Access ListBox with Distinct/Unique Values

    I'm a CS student in my 4th year, my professor wont grade my assignment because i didn't populate a ListBox correctly (I got a 10/200 but i have an option to turn in 1 revision). The ListBox named "lstCateName" displays a property type (castle, villa, manor) from a table named "tblProperty" on a...
  2. M

    Formula.Firewall Issue

    I have an Excel file that uses Power Query to get data from two Access tables. The query is executed via the following VBA code in the Workbook_Open codeActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - SourceFileName").Refresh ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - GoodsOut").Refresh The SourceFileName query...
  3. S

    How to Link your Access DB to Sharepoint?

    I have never attempted this before. But, is there a way to place your Access DB on SharePoint, but have it linked to where it saved in the folder its linked to? Also, multiple users should be able to open it correct?
  4. gheyman

    Updating Linked Tables to Back End Problem

    I have a Back End (BE) with all my Tables. When I am solely in the Front End (FE) Database everything runs fine. As soon as another user opens and uses the Front End database the database somehow is loosing the links. We get a message that it doesn't recognize the back end and we have to...
  5. M

    Lookup Function

    will someone help me to convert the following formula in access. LOOKUP(2,1/((SEARCH($D$1&"*",BOM!$I$88:$I$2617))*(BOM!$C$88:$C$2617=Sheet6!A6)),BOM!$D$88:$D$2617),"") Thanks in advnce
  6. P

    External Table is not in the expected format - ms access 2013

    Hi. I am running the following vb command from access 2013. DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "123", "c:\test\test.xls", True Access 2013 - Excel 2013 The table 123 is created but the external table is not in the expected format appears and when I click on debug...
  7. E

    Exporting only one row from a spreadsheet into a database in Access

    Im trying to find a way of exporting one row of data from a spreadsheet into a database in Access. I ideally don't want access to open in this process as it sometimes causes everything to not respond. I had though about a simply recording a macro to copy & paste one row into access but I think...
  8. B

    What are Class Modules

    Hi, I am new to MS Access and have never used Class module in Excel VBA either. My question is more regarding Access, can anyone please help me understand what are class modules. How they are different from regular modules. What are the advantages of a class module or why and when should we...
  9. S

    Autoexecute when Access is open or closed

    I have been looking for my original post or the post that I think I thought was mine but was someone else's. Anyway, we have an access tool that someone else built. Each day I press a "Run All" button and 20 mins later I finishes and I continue. We are trying to have this run automatically a...
  10. Gerald Higgins

    VBA, make code move across from main file to extract file

    Thanks in advance for any help ! So I’m still learning VBA, using a combination of the macro recorder, this website, trial and error, and so on. I have a file, let’s call it “FILE A”, which has a number of worksheets. The file includes some code that pulls in data from a number of other...
  11. A

    Add a file to the "Recent Items" listing in Outlook Attachment

    I have an Access program file that manipulates files that are on my network/pc. When I work with an excel file for example, I want to have Access add that file to list of recent Items using VBA. That way, the file that I manipulated in Access is right there in my recent items list so I can...
  12. gheyman

    Access: On Load On Current

    When a Form is loaded is it also considered "On current" or does the user have to leave the form and come back to it to be on Current?
  13. R

    Allow Access to Hidden Sheets

    Greeting, I need to create a workbook which only has the first sheet visible to force the user to go through a process. On the first sheet I'm using the HYPERLINK function in conjunction with a VLOOKUP to create a variable hyperlink to multiple possible destination within the same workbook...
  14. A

    32 bit to 64 bit Macros

    Let me start off by saying that I am very much a novice to VBA, Macros, Excel and Access. But here it goes. At work we have an Access database and an Excelmacro sheet. They work together and they were both built in a 32 bitsystem. They are upgrading us to Win 10 64bit and Office 2016...
  15. B

    What would be the alternative for 'Office.CommandBar' in Office 365 for MS Access

    Hi, I have below lines in my code. Dim MyOrig As Office.CommandBar Set MyOrig = CommandBars("Menu Bar") Dim MyMAIN As CommandBar Set MyMAIN = CommandBars.ActiveMenuBar What would be the alternative for 'Office.CommandBar' in Office 365 for MS Access. This code is written in older version of...
  16. gheyman

    Access: Keep Navigation pane closed

    Is there a way to keep the navigation pane closed or keep users from accessing it without proper permissions?
  17. A

    The HDD from the old PC

    I suppose this is the right forum for this topic, my apologies If I am mistaken. The story (introduction) Time came for some colleagues at work to get new computers. WinXP was obsolete by far. A new PC arrived with its own HDD and a not so old OS. The issue is: to transfer the files from the...
  18. J

    Access Track Changes to Data

    Hi I'm designing a database which has an Excel front-end and uses Access for data store. Each save from Excel to Access is a normalised table showing data for: A (one) Client which has 0 or more Jobs and where each Job has 0 or more Transactions If I need to reload previous saved states for a...
  19. F

    Excel maintaining connections to Access

    I have multiple excel files with several connections to a single Access database. The problem I have is that if more than one file is open at once no one can refresh the files to draw in the latest information from Access. Unfortunately, as these are used for forecasting the files there will...
  20. S

    get rid of an error occurred trying to save import/export specification ''

    How do I determine what is causing this error when I try to import into a brand new access db? It also occurs in other access db's as well. The file name is short and all together and the file size is small 120kb. Has no characters in the fil ename.

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