1. S

    Parse numeric substring, generate accounting key

    Hello, I'm a full time software developer, helping out a charity with their Access (.accdb) database in my spare time. There I need to work with an existing database that connects basic entities from one table with actions to perform on them in another table; everything is properly linked (1...
  2. B

    Select Query based on day of the week

    I have a query that every day pulls yesterday's data from an sql database and drops it into Access. SELECT Date, InvoiceNo, Customer FROM SalesDatabase WHERE Date=Yesterdaysdate What I need it to do though is when today's date is a Monday, I need it to gather the data for Friday, Saturday...
  3. E

    How is Access changing my Excel file?

    I create low-level automation solutions with Excel, these are usually small tools that accept user inputs, preform data calculations/manipulations, and generate outputs. I recently ran into a file-compatibility issue and need help. I am one small cog in a very large company and have no control...
  4. C

    Is Microsoft Access the right solution? if yes, what next? if no, what option?

    Greetings Folks, I'm trying to come up with a solution at work that will help a few departments. I do not have anyone to bounce ideas off of as I am the only "me" in the company and my knowledge is well intentioned, at best. I'm trying to take away from me manually going into a tool one...
  5. R

    Excel Drop Down from Access Table

    I am trying to get a table we keep updated in Access database to be the dropdown contents in an excel form. I wanted to use the Data Validation tool and select the drop down, but I cannot seem to figure out how to gain the data in my Access Table. My Access Data base is a network file used...
  6. A

    Insert data from Microsoft Access

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering how I would go about uploading a data chart from Access to Excel. Thanks
  7. bobsan42

    WithEvents Form AccessObject ... conundrum

    Hello all. My goal at the moment is: To open Form1 as background, make it translucent, then use the openArgs to pass a name to open Form2 on top of it. When Form2 is closed Form1 to close automatically. I achieved it easily with DoCmd.OpenForm but then I have to set WindowMode:=acDialog, which...
  8. C

    Access Report Using CrossTab Quary for people

    Tyring to build a report that shows Organization and position that people are in. For example: There is a table that shows all employees (admin) and them in the respective positions Sort ORder Org Big Boss Manager Worker 1 South Group me 1 South Group vacant 2 North Group Tom...
  9. N

    Selecting Excel drop down to cause Access query using drop downs value

    I currently have an Access DB and Excel workbook that are linked and updating tables and graphs properly when I refresh from Excel. What I would like to happen is user selection from a drop down on the Excel worksheet launches the update of the Excel document via linked Access queries. The...
  10. D

    SQL in VBA Excel to query multiple tables in Access database

    Hi guys, I have an Access database with the following tables - Clients, IT2019, IT2018, IT2017, IT2016 etc. A client can exist in multiple IT... tables, or just one (depending on when a client joined). All tables use the field ClientCode to identify clients (This is the primary key in all...
  11. D

    Strong typing TempVars

    Hello. When developing, I have found it convenient to use TempVars because they maintain state even when my VBA project does not. In addition, I don't have to run a load procedure every time I restart my code. To provide a bit of validation and intellisense, I wrap them in properties in a...
  12. J

    Type Id and search record directly in sql

    Hi there to all Mr Excelssss men. Ok, i know we can type an sql query and bring data to our excel. What a want to do, is to type something, which in this case is an Invoice ID number, and that triggers sql query and give me back some fields. I actually have the query that brings all the records...
  13. T

    Correct dates inserted into incorrect fields in table.

    I have a table that has serial numbers with dates that show when a job was entered, the date it was closed and the date it was installed. The Date of the installation is on the incorrect line and I would like to have it put onto the correct line. How can I do this in Access without going thru...
  14. G

    Populate Access ListBox with Distinct/Unique Values

    I'm a CS student in my 4th year, my professor wont grade my assignment because i didn't populate a ListBox correctly (I got a 10/200 but i have an option to turn in 1 revision). The ListBox named "lstCateName" displays a property type (castle, villa, manor) from a table named "tblProperty" on a...
  15. M

    Formula.Firewall Issue

    I have an Excel file that uses Power Query to get data from two Access tables. The query is executed via the following VBA code in the Workbook_Open codeActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - SourceFileName").Refresh ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - GoodsOut").Refresh The SourceFileName query...
  16. S

    How to Link your Access DB to Sharepoint?

    I have never attempted this before. But, is there a way to place your Access DB on SharePoint, but have it linked to where it saved in the folder its linked to? Also, multiple users should be able to open it correct?
  17. gheyman

    Updating Linked Tables to Back End Problem

    I have a Back End (BE) with all my Tables. When I am solely in the Front End (FE) Database everything runs fine. As soon as another user opens and uses the Front End database the database somehow is loosing the links. We get a message that it doesn't recognize the back end and we have to...
  18. M

    Lookup Function

    will someone help me to convert the following formula in access. LOOKUP(2,1/((SEARCH($D$1&"*",BOM!$I$88:$I$2617))*(BOM!$C$88:$C$2617=Sheet6!A6)),BOM!$D$88:$D$2617),"") Thanks in advnce
  19. P

    External Table is not in the expected format - ms access 2013

    Hi. I am running the following vb command from access 2013. DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "123", "c:\test\test.xls", True Access 2013 - Excel 2013 The table 123 is created but the external table is not in the expected format appears and when I click on debug...
  20. E

    Exporting only one row from a spreadsheet into a database in Access

    Im trying to find a way of exporting one row of data from a spreadsheet into a database in Access. I ideally don't want access to open in this process as it sometimes causes everything to not respond. I had though about a simply recording a macro to copy & paste one row into access but I think...

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