1. A

    Copying from one spreadsheet to another....

    I am copying some formula's from another spreadsheet that has the numbers in "accounting" format. I like using "currency" instead of accounting and changed the cells to display currency. However, when I go back and double-click on the cell to see the formula, the cell changes back to...
  2. R

    How to display accounting format as 0, not - ?

    I'm brand new to Excel, and trying to convert Wordperfect Quattro Pro files to Excel 2016. In Format Cells under Accounting, I want a $ on the left and a 0 on the right. What I am getting is a - instead of a 0. How can I display a 0 instead of the dash? Thanks, Randy
  3. C

    Creating a list based off matrix contents

    Hello - I have been racking my head trying to figure this one out... Lots of google searches and searching MrExcel have left me still wondering. I have a matrix in excel where the top header is general ledger accounts and the left hand column is locations. When the two are combined you have a...
  4. K

    Accounting Software in Excel Just like Quickbooks

    Assalam o Alaikum ( May Piece Mercy and Blessign of God on You) All MS Excel Experts I want to make an Accounting Software in MS Excel Just like QuickBooks Please guide me to make it. Saeed Khan
  5. T


    I have done all of my 2018 budget projections for a accounting firm and looking for Dashboard ideas. Can anyone help. Just looking for something I have not thought of yet.
  6. srizki

    Frequency of Pairs Formula

    Hi all, I have cost centers in column A, and corresponding account codes in column B. I want to know how many different pairs are there, for each cost center and accounting codes. So something like, =IF(SUMPRODUCT(($A$1:A1000=A1)*($B$1:B1000)),… Thanks
  7. S

    accounting credit card import file

    Hi All, I like to prepare a credit card import file from a csv file. Based on the code and description, expense gl will be inserted and based on province tax will be calculated. I am trying to figure out how to insert new line to do this calculation automatically. Is there any program i can use...
  8. S

    Excel Transpose Question?

    I have a set of data with Departments, Names, Dates of Expense, and Expense Amount. Currently the data is set with the Department and Name in Columns A and B // Jan - Dec as the heading // Expense Amounts in each cross section: Department // Name // Jan // Feb // Mar Accounting // Bob // 5...
  9. B

    MonthName Function

    Can anyone help me write a macro for a school project I am working on? I think I need to use a MonthName function, I'm not sure how though. The question is: Write a Macro, that will put the employee’s month of birth in column “Birth Month”, for each employee in the database. Month should be in...
  10. B

    Recording a macro

    I have a project I am working on for my class and I am having trouble with this question. Below I am posting the actual question, the worksheet with the database, and the worksheet where I will be placing the macro button that will bring up the input box for the user to input information. What I...
  11. D

    Timetable Clashes

    Hello Everyone, I am a teacher and my school timetable changes weekly. I am trying to write a formula to check that my timetable does not clash with other classes. I teach accounting. There is a master timetable with all the subjects for one group of students, then the subject timetable are...
  12. Q

    Question About formulas

    Hello everyone, I need some big help on functions and formulas as I am completely stumped, and am going to get some tutoring to further my knowledge of excel, on account of me entering several different formulas, and not one being accurate. I have to create a formula in cell c5 that calculates...
  13. M

    Split cell information into list

    Hello, I have a cell that contains various number of text separated by commas. I would like for the information separated by commas to go into a list below the first item in the cell. Here is an example. Current Data <tbody> ID Number First Name Last Name Involvement 58475 Kate Smith Law...
  14. V

    Calculation that includes DATEDIF with division

    Hello Lovely Forum Peeps! I'm working on a 'Daily Funds In' Chart and generating fun accounting numbers based off of the daily funds in. (ACCOUNTING IS ALWAYS SO MUCH FUN!! JK, I know I only think so :-P) My chart consists of a cell for each day laid out as the week (Sunday - Saturday) and I...
  15. K

    V Look Up Table Range

    Hi I have a 4 column data table: Description Code Debit Credit I would like another sheet to pickup the data in a specific range of codes, with the excel cell layout: Description Code Debit Credit Lets say codes 1 to 100 in one batch then 101 to 300 in another and so on and populate...
  16. A

    Conditional Formatting - Left Align Currency with Suffix

    I am looking to format a cell to have a left aligned currency symbol, right aligned text with a suffix. My table will be displaying an itemized breakdown of several items and their respective costs per square foot, but I still need to be able to incorporate formulas, requiring that I use...
  17. C

    Look account number up in table to determine VAT code

    Hi all, I apologise if this has been answered before, but as anewbie all the terms are a little confusing. My challenge is this - I am posting all my accounting posts (lineposts?) in an Excel sheet. As part of the linepost, I enter in column C the account number that the amount of the post...
  18. B

    Calculating Total Delinquent Interest for Adjustable Rate Loans

    Hi, I'm working on a project for my accounting class. Basically, I'm calculating total delinquent interest for several loans in default. The template looks like this:
  19. R

    VBA: Random generate numbers

    Hi all! I am making an accounting spreadsheet that auto generates practice problems for students that I tutor. I have most everything done, but I need a way to generate the actual numbers (randomly each time) for each account, but still have my assets equal to my liabilities/equity. So...
  20. P

    Auto increment (Reconciliation of Prepaid Expenses)

    Good afternoon, I want to make an auto increment in my cell formula. The idea is every time I put a check mark , it will increase by 1. For example: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 10/16-12/16 350,000.89 =-116,666.96*2 ($116,666.96/ month 2 of 3)...

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