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    Accountant needs Excel help, very difficult formula set up!!!!

    Hey! I am a tax accountant trying really hard to impress my manager...long story short one of our big clients give us a very un organized Excel sheet of there trial balance... and I want to find a quick way to organize it...below is an example of what the excel looks like and what I want to...
  2. E

    HELP!!!!!!! Accounting Report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <tbody> <tbody> Location Project DISCIPLINE NAME Total Hours A 1 xxx John 1 A 1 xxx John 1 A 2 xxx John 3 A 1 xxx Jane 5 B 1 xxx Jane 5 B 2 xxx Doe 2 B 2 xxx Doe 2 </tbody> How could I consolodate a similar report by taking values in the...
  3. N

    How to extract a subset of records into a another sheet in the same file?

    I've used Excel off and on for several years, and I'm frustrated that I just can't figure out how to accomplish what seems like a very simple task. Let me explain... I have a single sheet where I register all financial transactions for my business (revenue, expenses, everything). I have a set...
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    Working with Word inside Excel

    Hey guys, I've done a bit of searching and have found a lot of great info on the forum, but nothing that quite answered all of my questions. If I somehow missed a forum please direct me there. I have a workbook I've created for my wife's floral business. As of right now, it takes care of the...
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    Import a CSV File, Edit / Reformat It via VBA, and Output a Usable Data Table

    Scenario:<o:p></o:p> I obtain a CSV file from the accounting system summarizing budget and expense amounts by project grant (i.e. departments) by G/L account. The problem is that it needs to be “cleaned-up” before I can utilize it as it is more like a report than a data table.<o:p></o:p>...
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    ANy free Access Templates?

    Can anyone direct me to a site where I can find a free temp;late for a Access template for Gneral Ledger/lLedger and project accounting? I need to be able to input various types of transactions against budget line items on a project basis and then have it reflect on an overall division ledger...
  7. C

    Copy paste with Absolute Values, Can it be done?

    I have copied over a row of $, ($) amounts from one worksheet to another. I am trying to make the amounts I copy over past in absolute values. Is there a way to do this? Below is the current code: 'copying over the Amount in Local Currency ST Reclass Sheets("Recon_ST").Select...
  8. S

    Linear accrual

    Hi, If I have an amount, which should be accrued due to a start date and end date. How could this be done? I've tried to read about accrual accounting, but I can't find any simple examples on just simple linear accrual.
  9. A

    Accounting consolidation workings

    I am looking for an Excel Template for a property investment company that can help with the consolidation process. Can anyone help:)
  10. R

    Impossible Accounting Issue! How to look up valid account combinations?

    I have the following issue where i have to analyze actual bookings, and ensure they follow the allowed combination criteria. How can i make an excel vlookup/macro which compares the actual bookings to the allowed combinations, and if they dont meet the allowed criteria, returns an N/A? Actual...
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    Accounting Format for Field on Report

    I am trying to format a report field to accounting (called the accounting format in Excel, not sure about Access). In particular, I'd like the zero values to show as dashes (hyphens) rather than 0. My report is based on a query. I have searched the board and google results and cannot find...
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    How do I get tick marks in Excel for auditing?

    Hello all, At some point or another , I somehow managed to download/install/set up a tick mark system I found on the web from someone named Mark Lehman. This system is tied to your personal.xls file and works with macros and .bmp files that have been created to symbolize the tick marks I am...
  13. H

    Macro filtering question

    Hey guys, I've got another question, this one macro related. In a spreadsheet for my class looking at asset depreciation forecasts, the "Book Value" column goes negative at a certain date, and I need it to just go blank instead of displaying a negative accounting value. How can I write a...

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