1. B

    SUMIF/SUMIFS Amounts in Date Range

    Hello! I'm struggling with needing a formula that allows me to: 1) Look at the date range in column B, 2) verify for this cell which would be named July above it, that it looks in B1:B1000 for any date in July, 2) verify in column F that "INT" is within the text 3) if so, total the values in...
  2. Z

    Nested IF and NETWORKDAYS Query

    I've spent quite some time trying to figure this out, but can't - seeking assistance from those with far better skills than I. I am trying to calculate the number of days between two dates (A2 & B2) excluding: weekends, holidays (by state) as well as for a ticket received before or after 1PM...
  3. H

    Formula to calculate total values from a mix of progressive actual and forecast data

    Hi Guys! I'm getting frustrated with my indolence in solving the following problem. Hope some smart good people can help me :) I have a spreadsheet in which I add project actual and forecast cost on monthly basis. There is around 500 different projects which, obviously, have different duration...
  4. J


    I am trying to insert an and/or argument into countifs but can't get it to work. I tried SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(MATCH,RANGE,CRITERIA,0))*ISNUMBER(ETC)) Can't figure out how to do it. For example <tbody> Student A GPA SAT ACT Student B 3.0 900 21 Student C 3.4 1200 Student D 3.0 1080 25...
  5. D

    find different words, and act different by finding them

    Hi! My problem is the following. In cell L2 is a sentence that can contain 4 different words. The function first need to find the word, then act on it. As exampel: text WW text text text text text XX text text YY text text text text text text ZZ When cell l2 contains WW, cell M2...
  6. W

    Floating Inserted Shape with hyperlink

    I'm looking to have an inserted shape (button) act as a hyperlink to a main excel tab. Ultimately a hyperlink to the first tab. Since the tabs are quite busy, I don't want to cover up, add a row or column to the tab, I'm looking to have a shape act as a button but scroll with the user. I'm...
  7. M

    Vba - protection & filtering

    Hello, I have the following code which i have to protect my workbook and allow filtering. Sub ProtectSheets() Dim wsheet As Worksheet For Each wsheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets If wsheet.NAME <> "TB - EPM" And wsheet.NAME <> "ACT - GLORY" And wsheet.NAME <> "ACT - BARC" And wsheet.NAME <>...
  8. J

    Bar chart help please

    Hi Guys, I am just wondering anyone could help me to build a bar chart graph. The vertical axis is amount and horizontal axis is customers. <tbody> Customer Week1 Week1 Week2 Week2 Act Fcst Act Fcst A 10 5 20 10 B 42 10 20 15 C 30 43 24 18 D 49 34 20 19 </tbody> Is it possible...
  9. O

    VBA - Help cleaning data

    Hi Im stuck on how to achieve this so any input would be appreciated. I have imported the data from tables in Word and I need to clean and sort it. Its a fair bit of data (50,000 rows). The imported data is set out as per below: <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> CEMETERIES AND...
  10. N

    Pivot table charting formats

    Hi, I have a table that I have created pivots for and need to now create a chart from the pivot. I am having an issue due to the way my table is formatted, hopefully someone can help. Ok, my original table is laid out in this way. <tbody> jan jan feb feb mar mar apr apr may may jun jun jul...
  11. H

    Need formula to return max value & max value reason from Multiple Data.

    <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Sl Site_Name Value Reason 1 A 200 Act Formula in the below 2 B 250 Pas 3 A 300 MISC Site_Name Max_Value Max_VALUE_Reason 4 A 890 Act A 999 Act 5 C 700 MISC B 6 B 450 Other...
  12. T

    Convert Horizontal Data to Vertical

    Hello, I have a long string of data that is laid out horizontally and I am trying to find a way (without VBA) to relatively easily convert it to be vertically stacked. Below is a small example of what I need to be able to do on a much larger scale. If I set up the horizontal spreadsheet to...
  13. S

    ACT to Excel import with partial field

    Hello, I'm trying to import from ACT into Excel. The field I want is "contact name". I would like to only import the first name. The field contains two or more names. "jane doe" or in some cases "jane & john doe". Is there a way to eliminate the last name and get "jane" or "jane & john" only?

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