1. A

    Vlookup with multiple conditions

    Hi all, Hoping you can help here please. I have a table on sheet called "RawData". This sheet contains multiple rows / columns of data, and i am looking to use a Vlookup to: * Lookup a value in column B of the table. This table may contain multiple entries which match in column B, but each...
  2. I

    Run-time error1004 in code when searching through large data set

    Hello, I have a command button in my workbook that runs code which searches through a column of data (each cell in the column is text inputted in the form of a few sentences) and creates a word count on another sheet in the workbook. The code is written so that every time if finds a new word it...
  3. M

    Updating links from excel 2016 to powerpoint 2016 by clicking on an action button

    Is is possible to build an "action button" in PowerPoint 2016, that will allow the links on that slide to update by clicking on, instead of right-clicking and selecting "Update Link" on the pop-up menu? Is there a macro that can be assigned to the "blank" button in PowerPoint? If possible, this...
  4. S

    Finding last occurrence cell of a multiple partial text in a row and retrieving contents adjacent to that cell

    Finding last occurrence cell of a mu <tbody> Item Action date ACTION TYPE PERFORMED BY Action date ACTION TYPE PERFORMED BY Action date ACTION TYPE PERFORMED BY Action date ACTION TYPE PERFORMED BY 45685 2-Jun-2019 Submitted (Jansson [Requestor]) 4-Jun-2019 Submitted...
  5. L

    Copy data maybe with an IF formula but without leaving gaps

    Hi, I have a table of data, it is a list of actions for different team members, so the columns are: A1 = action number, A2 = name of the team member, A3 the Action assigned. I want to have 1 central database of actions with all of the teams work related actions on, this is the main source, BUT...
  6. K

    Countifs Between Date Ranges

    Hello, I am trying to put together a formula to calculate the number of days action items are past due. Im reading the dates (Column H) between 61 and 90 days past due per se, if the completed column (Column I) is blank and if its designated as an action (Column D). Formula is as follows...
  7. W

    Vba help

    Good day, I am new to this and this is my first post. I have limited excel experience and to be honest have not ran a single VBA yet. They seem a little intimidating to me to say the least. I created an excel document (well call it Document 1) that has the (now) time at the top that updates...
  8. E

    VBA for Data Validation "Input message" text from offset cell value

    Hello, could anybody help with VBA code please? I am not sure if it is even possible, below is what I am trying to achieve: For example, I have column "A" with various text string values(notes). Say A1= Action text 1 A2 = Action text 2 A3 = Action text 3 all the way down to the LastRow...
  9. N

    Formula COUNTIFS

    Need Help on the countifs formula based on a running count if action date is grater than start date. I am using formula: =COUNTIF($A$1:A2,A2) to show a running count of unique values in column A however need this formula to only start calculation if action date is grater than start date...
  10. D

    VLOOKUP doesn't return values when cell is text and has duplicates

    Hi I have two worksheets, Unique Donors & Donations. I've assigned a unique alphanumeric code to each Donor and need to return that value against their Donations. VLOOKUP returns the first 3 values bu when it comes to a repeated value it stops. Amy help here much appreciated Unique Donors...
  11. W

    VBA to move data

    Hello, I an in need of a VBA Code to move data from one tab to another based on the action column. Example: This is the main sheet (Tab) holding all data Sheet Name: FUTURE <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T ACTION Slot Number Slot Mast ID Poller Name Address Area Section...
  12. F

    Macro to filter data based on number of days action is due from today's date

    Hi there, I have created an action plan that has a main menu that filters the action plan as required. One of the macros looks at filtering for items that are due within either 15 days, 30 days or now (I don’t have one for overdue yet). I have set up based on some advice what the macro should...
  13. S

    VBA and Userform with button to add additional fields

    To provide me with a way to learn VBA I am creating an exercise workbook. I have a form setup with three initial fields, a textbox that tracks an action ID, dropdown with pre-defined list for action type and finally, action duration. The idea is I would enter an exercise, such as "Run for 2...
  14. A

    Exporting table with 300,000 records from Access to Excel WITHOUT formatting VBA/Macro

    Hi everyone - There is only a ExportWithFormatting action in Access and not "without", which limits the amount of records that is truly exported (65,000 records). I have a table and it's 300,000 records that need to be exported to excel using a Macro. Since the action does not exist, I need to...
  15. M

    If/is #value! Then [action]?

    Is there a way to write an IF formula or an IS formula that checks only for the error #VALUE! (and no other error like #REF!/#NA!...etc), and then executes an action? For example something like: IF( ( (A1)=(#VALUE!) ), ("#YES VALUE! ERROR"), ("NO #VALUE! ERROR) ) ? OR Something like...
  16. N

    Scroll bar - what comes first

    Can anyone tell me what action comes first with a form control scroll bar- the assigned macro or the action of the scrolling bar moving? if the scroll bar moves before the macro is ran, can you delay the action of the scrolling? or is there a way to have a part of the macro run first? Thank...
  17. B

    In VBA, trigger a sub when a cell gets the focus

    I want to be able to trigger a subroutine when I click on a certain cell. Presumably clicking on any cell would trigger the sub; but I can put code in the sub to determine if the selected cell meets my criteria for action, and if yes, what that action should be. So far I haven't figured out how...
  18. N

    VBA error handling

    Hi! I'm trying to add code to my macro inside a loop, where if an error occurs on a certain line of code it will do a different action and then resume loop. I'm not sure where to place code. For example: Loop start code code code Line of code that I want to skip if error occurs End of loop...
  19. M

    Importing data week by week

    Please can someone let me know the best way to approach this challenge - I need to create a Master sheet capturing data week by week during the year from another sheet each week. The issue is lining the data when the client's locations will not always be the same (income is against the...
  20. S

    Need help with Countif Formula

    On Issues w-out action plans, the name won't match exactly with F4, it has an initial for example John Smith or John Smith T. I want it count if it finds the name similar under columns P:P, how would I write that into this code below please? =IFERROR(COUNTIF('Issues w-out Action...

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