activate sheet

  1. Z

    VBA to Delete Table Rows with Column A Blank Cell

    Hello, I'm trying to delete empty rows in a Table where the cell in Column A is empty/blank. I'm using the following which only works if there is NO data below the Table I'm trying to run this on. Sub DeleteRowIfCellBlank() ' Delete Table Rows with blank cells in Column A...
  2. M

    Activate a CSV file that is already open

    My code opens 7 new workbooks and saves them as CSV files without closing them. Later in the code I need to activate the relevant CSV file to post data into it. However, I can't seem to activate the appropraite CSV file. If the files are saved as FileFormat:= xlNormal the code runs perfectly...
  3. S

    Curious: One works, the other doesn't ---- why????

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets. I have some simple code that I thought would work, but for some reason it doesn't. Here is the code in a module: Sub GoHome() Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Set wb = ThisWorkbook For Each ws In wb.Worksheets ws.Range("A1").Select Next...
  4. A

    Calling a macro when activating a sheet

    Hi all! When I activate a Sheet A, I want to run a macro which does something on another Sheet B, including copy and paste some ranges on sheet B. The macro runs well independently. However, when I put it in the event of activating Sheet A, the following error occurs: Runtime Error...
  5. B

    Excel VBA Save Workbook as current workbook name

    Hello, I have this file 08.22.2017_13.07.34.csv whose name changes daily with respective date and time. Using the macro below i am only able to use it with this file name. What I want it to do is be able to use it with any excel file that i open. I also want it to save using the current...
  6. S

    Altering a Non Active Worksheet

    Hi All, I have a macro which, at the moment, creates a worksheet, names it, alters columns etc, adds a table, and converts the table back to a range so that it can later be copied to a new workbook. At the moment all the alterations are made apparent to the user regardless of screenupdating =...
  7. P

    Activate worksheet not completely working, sheet viewable, but edits another page

    Hi! I have a "report workbook" with a macro that opens several other existing workbooks, copies data and creates a report on a new worksheet in the "reports workbook". It creates the report fine. While the macro runs, I implement a "progress form" to let me know what the code is doing ("Reading...
  8. V

    Activating Open Workbook and Sheet using multiple Wildcards

    Hello all. Complete somewhat self-taught newbie here (so sorry in advance). I have a macro that gives the user an option to copy data from EITHER a workbook (already) run once in the morning titled "YY-MM-DD BBC_Dispatch1.xlsx" opened from a folder, -OR- copy the report from a just-run workbook...
  9. A

    VBA code to activate file with current date in its name and if not found open, then open it from the location.

    Hi, I am trying to write one code. In this code, there is one file which I need to activate among the existing open excel files. Also if this file is not found open, I need to open this file from the given location without giving any error(I am not sure how to do this part). The objective is to...
  10. DNiersbach

    Question regarding activating sheets

    Hello all, I have a userform with a name dropdown and a date text box. How do I write a macro to activate a sheet based on that information? I have a cell on each sheet equal to the name of the sheet. I.E. B1="John 07-15" which the sheet is named as well. If a user enters John and 7/17/15 I...
  11. A

    Activate different workbook to run macro

    I created a macro in my workbook using an active worksheet from another workbook. I would now like to run my macro, but use yet another different active workbook to get my data. I have this line 20 times in my macro... Windows("IFS_round_1").Activate I do not want to change it (ex...
  12. Y

    Form for Password to switch sheet

    Hi there, I'm working on a project in which I want a certain sheet to only visible to a certain person with the admin password. Before I used an inputbox as the admin user password form. Worked perfectly. I made a macro as followed: Sub ShowPassForm() ' Show password input box ibo =...
  13. A

    Activate sheet on workbook open

    Could someone please advise me on how to activate a particular sheet as part of the workbook_open event. At the moment it doesn't matter how I try to code it I get Run-time error '1004': Select method of Worksheet class failed. I have tried: Sheets("Sheetname").Activate...
  14. B

    "Activate" box in 2007

    When there is a large number of worksheets in a workbook and you right-click on the arrows to the right of the worksheet tabs, you get a list of the sheets in the workbook. If there are too many to fit in the menu, it gives the option of "More Sheets...". When you click on this you get the...
  15. W

    Open worksheet according to time and date

    I have a workbook that teachers use to mark attendance for their class each day. There are two worksheets for each month - one for morning and one for afternoon (named Jan AM and Jan PM, Feb AM and Feb PM etc). The morning attendance sheet automatically updates the afternoon sheet with each...
  16. S

    Selecting vs Activating - VERY newbie

    Hi all, could someone please explain the differences between Selecting a sheet/wb and Activating a sheet/wb? when do you use each one, etc.? Thanks

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