active workbook

  1. larinda4

    Copy Sheet from a workbook to current workbook

    Good morning, I have this code below and I'm trying to tweak it to work for my situation. I'm trying to copy a sheet from a closed workbook into my current active workbook that's open. The location of the sheet/workbook I need to copy from always remains the same and the workbook I'm copying it...
  2. A

    UserForm for Selecting Workbook Worksheet and Macro

    I'd like to put together a userform so that I can choose from dropdown menus the workbook, the worksheet and a macro. I have a number of macros that are used for modifying certain reports and would like to be able to run the macro based on selecting 1 workbook then 1 worksheet then 1 macro so...
  3. S

    ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add not working properly

    I want to add new sheets after the original sheet. I typed ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add(After:=ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Count)) but a compile error showed. What's wrong and how to fix that?
  4. K

    Open woorkbook -active sheet -next cell

    I have been using the following code to open a workbook to a specific sheet and going to the next available row for data entry. It had been working fine. Then in the course of testing, It stopped working and I would get a "ws = nothing" error... Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim ws As...
  5. berty2000

    Excel 2016 Open another workbook and make Active

    Hi I have just upgraded to excel 2016 and Im having problems opening another workbook from a userform and making it the active one. It opens it ok, but you cant type anything unless you change to another sheet first then back again, it seems to still be active on the original workbook. Code...
  6. I

    help needed in modifying a macro to run in the other open workbook

    I am completely new to creating macros/editing vba in Excel 2010, so please be patient with my question. I have written a macro, edited it and it works in any workbook I open when I run the macro from the Developer toolbar. I have saved the macro in its own excel file and have created a button...
  7. J

    Activeworkbook faulty in 2013

    I have float over tools that used to open and work with a keystroke based on the active workbook, but in Excel 2013 it is unpredictable. In the backend activeworkbook may not be the last workbook you were looking at because of this multiple ap focus nonsense. Is there a workaround anyone knows...
  8. frabulator

    Copy data from a folder of closed workbooks to a active workbook

    Hello all, Long story short, I have been looking for weeks on how to copy a range of cell's values from a folder full of closed workbooks into the active workbook, and then have it paste the values from each in order starting at "A2" on the active. Sadly, I have pulled up short on everything...
  9. F

    Copy/Paste data from one workbook to another

    I have a functioning macro in a synthesis workbook that prompts the user to open a data file workbook, copy specific cells and then paste the data into the synthesis workbook, into the next available row (the macro does the copy/paste, not the user). This part works well. Where I now have a...
  10. 0

    Confused Workbooks("str").Activate problems

    Hi all, I've been sourcing help from MrExcel for a while now but have never really felt the confidence to post any solutions or answers myself when there are so many people out there who seem to be gurus!!! Thanks to everyone who has ever helped me!! =) I'm currently trying to write a macro...
  11. T

    Append to the bottom of a master sheet from another active workbook?

    Hi All, I'd like some help appending data to the bottom of a master worksheet from another active sheet in a different open workbook. For example I receive an internal order, which could have between 1 and 200 lines on it. I need to add these lines to bottom of a master schedule of order...
  12. N

    VBA: Get Active Workbook Name

    Hi All, I need to return the name of an active workbook, but I cannot use ThisWorkbook because my code resides in an add-in. I have managed to make a function to accomplish this, but it seems messier than it ought to be. Does any one know of a slicker way to do this? I'm using Excel 2010 and...
  13. M

    Should be simple, but I'm stuck... Please help!

    I'm trying to create a HYPERLINK formula that references cell A1, on a different sheet, within the same workbook. If my workbook was always named "Book1.xls," I could simply use the following formula: =HYPERLINK("[Book1.xls]Sheet2!A1","Next Page"),"") Unfortunately, the workbook I am...
  14. A

    Active Workbook

    I use a workbook that processes real time stock prices with a VBA timer and sends out an alert when a price goes into a desired range. But this requires this workbook to be always the active workbook, and when I opened another workbook the alert failed. I tried adding something like...

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