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    How To VBA Code To All Worksheets?

    I am using this code. Sub CleanUp() With ActiveSheet.UsedRange .Value = Evaluate("if({1},trim(clean(substitute(" & .Address & ",char(160),"" ""))))") End With ActiveSheet.UsedRange End Sub How can I apply it to all worksheets in the active workbook? If there is ever an error...
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    VBA Multiple <> Filter

    Hello! I'm looking to delete all rows not containing the following in column E. I have the following code, but it's not working. Any ideas? With ActiveSheet.UsedRange .AutoFilter field:=5, Criteria1:=Array("<>PN", "<>RN", "<>DR", "<>TA"), Operator:=xlFilterValues .Offset(1...
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    Reduce the UsedRange

    Hi, I have a worksheet called DATA in Excel files (called Master) where I load data from others excel files. Sometimes I need to load a huge amount of data (about 10.000.000 cells) but the most of times I just need about 100.000 cells. The point is that once I loaded a big amount of data...

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